How to Make Jello Shots

How to Make Jello Shots

A JELL O shot is a portion of JELL O which contains a very high level of alcohol.


a) A big bowl

b) Any kind of container you want to serve your shots in. (I recommend plastic shooters or plactic cups).

2 Add 1 cup of boiling water.

3 Stir vigorously until the powder is completely dissolved.

Note: Step 3 is crucial if you want to avoid the awful skin that you find sometimes at the bottom of your JELL O. I heard stories about people that actually LIKE this skin. I think it’s gross. we used to call it “JELL O placenta”

4 Add 1 cup of ice cold alcohol and mix well again.

Note: The colder your alcohol is, the better the result. I think this has to do with the activation of the gelatin. Personally, when possible, I keep the bottle of alcohol in the freezer for several days before making my shots. Don’t believe the skeptics: the bottle won’t blow up!!Step 3: Pour and Chill

Once the Jell O shot mix is ready,
How to Make Jello Shots
pour it in the containers you want to serve the shots in. Sometimes I just leave it in the bowl and then I eat it all at once. I guess you can call this a JELL O shotgun!!!

How to Make Homemade Candle With Granulated Wax Crystals FINAL INSTRUCTION

How to Make Homemade Candle With Granulated Wax Crystals FINAL INSTRUCTION

Introduction: How to Make Homemade Candle With Granulated Wax Crystals (FINAL INSTRUCTION)1 Ziploc bagWaxed wick with wick tabs attached Candle scent (liquid) 1 Granulated wax crystal bag Mason jar (OPTIONAL) Ribbon or manila craft decoration package The total price for buying the materials will be under $25 and you can go to the Hobby Lobby or Michael’s to buy the suppliesStep 1:

Now, after mixing the granulated wax crystals with liquid scent, POUR the crystals into the jar(IF your wick is too long, you may cut the length that balances to the jar)Step 4:

CLOSE the jar and decorate with ribbon or using different decoration craft, if desired. “THIS IS OPTIONAL”Step 5: FINAL

You are done!
How to Make Homemade Candle With Granulated Wax Crystals FINAL INSTRUCTION
Now, you can light up your candle or you may put it into a gift box as gift ideas for friends and family!Also, if you like to make or refill the candle with the same jar, you can buy new granulated crystals and pour into the same jar with the waxed wick and wick tabs.
How to Make Homemade Candle With Granulated Wax Crystals FINAL INSTRUCTION

How to Make Custom Library Parts for CadSoft EAGLE

How to Make Custom Library Parts for CadSoft EAGLE

Introduction: How to Make Custom Library Parts for CadSoft EAGLE

Hello. In my first instructable I will show you how to make custom parts for EAGLE. It is rare that you will not find a part in the default libraries if you look hard enough, but it does happen. If you need to add a specific part that is not included in the default library than you will have to create your own part. I find it easier to keep track of your parts by creating your own libraries.

1)To create a new library go to the eagle control panel and select File >New >LibraryStep 2: The Editing Window

After creating a new library a screen similar to this should come up. It’s a good idea to save your library now. We will start by making the symbol which is what will appear on the actual schematic of your circuit.

1) Create a new symbol by clicking on the symbol button ( the little and gate)

2) Type the name of your symbol in the NEW box and press ok, this is how it will show up in your libraryStep 4: Creating the Symbol (continued)

After you have made a new symbol you now have to draft the actual image of the part along with all the pins. It may help you to copy a similar parts symbol and editing it.

1) Select the wire tool to create the image of the symbol, you can also use the polygon tool and rectangle tool to aid you with this. The pins are were you will create the actual connections in the schematic editor

1) first select the Pin tool and edit the settings to how long you want the pin,
How to Make Custom Library Parts for CadSoft EAGLE
the properties of the pin, and its swap level (for basic parts set it to 0)

As you know, when you place a part down in the schematic editor it tells you the name of that part and the value you set it at, this does not come default for each part
How to Make Custom Library Parts for CadSoft EAGLE

How to Make Christmas Skittles

How to Make Christmas Skittles

Have you heard people say that toddlers always prefer the box and the rubbish rather than the present inside? Fun and funky kid’s skittles and Christmas pudding bowling ball and all made from rubbish! The ideal Christmas present for younger brothers and sisters. Best of all each skittle is made from a Yazoo milkshake bottle, and somebody needs to drink the delicious milkshake drink!

You will need a pack of 6 mini Yazoo milkshakes. Empty the bottles and rinse the bottles out and leave them to drain until they are completely dry.

Each bottle now needs a thin layer of paper mache. This makes the bottles easier to paint and it covers the ridges on the bottle. Rip up newspapers into small squares. Mix some PVA glue with two parts water and with a paintbrush, stick the newspaper pieces to the bottles so that they are completely covered. Allow to dry over night.

Now you can paint your bottles in festive designs such as, a penguin from Lapland, a snowman, a Christmas tree, a robin, Rudolf and Father Christmas.

To make the bowling ball, scrunch up two sheets of newspaper into a ball and add some selotape so that it keeps its ball like shape. Then apply 3 or 4 layers of paper mache. Allow to dry overnight.

Paint the bowling ball to look like a Christmas pudding with cream drizzled over it and with a sprig of holly on the top.

When all the paint is dry you can test it out. Set the skittles out to form a triangle. 3 skittles in the back row, 2 skittles in the middle row and one skittle at the front. Try to knock all the skittles over with the Christmas pudding.
How to Make Christmas Skittles

How to Make Candles Out of Old Crayons

How to Make Candles Out of Old Crayons

Add a few pieces of ice then let the water get cold. Put in your crayons, wrapper and all, and let them sit for about 5 minutes. Get a knife (not super sharp) and gently slide it downwards on the crayon until you see part of the actual crayon.

Put crayons of your desired color into a container that you will sacrifice to making candles. I would say a good 10 15 crayons. I would put colors that go well together, such as green blue or orange yellow, into one candle. Put the crayons into the microwave and nuke ’em for 2 minutes at a time, until it is smooth.

The second most important part of candlemaking is choosing the wick size. While there is no exact formulation to figure what size wick to use there are some general guidelines that will help. The size of the wick depends upon a few factors. These factors are additives in the candle, size of the candle and the type of wick. The kinds and amounts of additives will vary widely from candlemaker to candlemaker,
How to Make Candles Out of Old Crayons
as will the size and wick type so this is what makes an exact formula for choosing a wick size next to impossible to create. The best method for choosing the correct wick size is through testing. Try different size wicks for different candle recipes and see what size wick works best. There are, however, some general guidelines that can help the candlemaker decide what size of wick to use.

There are some tips that have been handed down by veteran candlemakers that can help the novice in the quest to find the correct wick size. The following tips are just generalizations, but are still a good place to start.

1. Wick size should general match the candle size. For example, small candles use small diameter wicks.

2. Wicks that are too small for the candle will leave a lot of unburned wax around the outside of the candle or just drown in the pool of wax that gathers at its base.

3. Wicks that are too large for the candle will cause excessive smoke, burn too fast, or even cause the wax to overflow down the sides of the candle or container.
How to Make Candles Out of Old Crayons

How to Make a Soccer Ball

How to Make a Soccer Ball

Introduction: How to Make a Soccer Ball

After a recent trip to Zambia, my church returned with various “souvenirs”. One of them being a “soccer ball” the kids kicked around. (Tightly being no more than one finger will fit into the space between the handle and the ball.)Step 6: Tape It Up

Finished! You’re now playing soccer with what many orphanages in Africa use. My friends and I actually use these for indoor dodgeball, paintball targets, enlarged hackey sack. Ball must not touch the ground, or it’s a turn over.2. Ball must not be touched with your hands, everywhere else is fine, except wrists down.3. No goalies, and while we’re at it, no contact. Don’t go kicking the ball off your friend’s chest, it happened to us.4. Stalls are allowed, and encouraged. Ours’ are guidelines, but feel free to add even better ones. Blindfold a player and let him be goalie. Blindfold all the players. Tie together all your players at the wrist.) Go crazy with them!Have fun, and please give me your votes!!Thanks!
How to Make a Soccer Ball

How to Make a Pitcher of Koolaid

How to Make a Pitcher of Koolaid

Introduction: How to Make a Pitcher of Koolaid.

Its hot out, we need water to cool ourselves and hydrate. Sometimes you want to drink something with unique flavor and class. If you tear open the bottom.1. It will burst into a Flaming Fireball. Or, 2.

Actually, i need clearance from one of the staff to say that. But, once you are done with pouring your drink mix, Start pouring the water from the Brita pitcher to the Koolaid Pitcher. Or stick the pitcher under the sink for a while to get sand, dirt, bugs, skittles, sound cards, toyotas and back hoe’s into your pitcher of deliciousness. .

C’mon and stir it up, oh darlin’ stir it up. Put a lid on your Container. Add ice to your cup, pour some drink into your cup and Enjoy!Ask Question13 CommentsCayotica 4 months agoReply

Root bear

thank you, I want to make some root beer (non carbonated) but couldn’t remember how much sugar to use per quart or rather 2 quarts.

selenastar21 4 years agoReply

amazing i really needed help with it but umm they still sell blue rasberry whatever because i have some sitting by me right now and we bought them last night. 2 packets or one

Decepticon 8 years agoReply

Aren’t these instructions on the back of every koolaide packet? And what about the packets that have the sugar already pre mixed?
How to Make a Pitcher of Koolaid

How to Make a Mix CD

How to Make a Mix CD

Introduction: How to Make a Mix CD

Mix CDs are great gifts that show that you put some effort into the gift. But if you just throw together a playlist, it comes off as sloppy, lazy, and unimaginative. Pick out some songs that you don’t like as much, too. They may not be the best, but if they go together, it will sound good. If you have a bunch of stuff by one artist, try to narrow it down to no more than two. Pick a good hook. I like to use “For Your Own Safety!” by the Aquabats, because it’s fun, funny, and draws you in. Switch around the orders to something that might sound good. If it’s to a close friend, don’t worry about the song. Try to use music that the person doesn’t already listen to, but not something that they wouldn’t listen to. If I’m giving it to someone who I don’t know well or with which I have a formal relationship, I look at the lyrics for all of the songs. If the song contains something that you wouldn’t say in front of them, consider leaving it out. You have a few options here. You can print right from iTunes, which tells you the artist, song name, and song length. The only problem here are that it can cut off the artist’s name if the song title is long, and it leaves a “Made with iTunes” label on the bottom. If you have time and patience, type it out in Microsoft Word or Photoshop. If I’m just burning something simple, I use paper sleeves. If I’m burning a mix I spent some time on to give as a random gift or I’m making a bunch of copies, I’ll use the jewel box cases. If I have spent alot of time on it or am giving it as a big gift, I’ll use the recycled cardboard sleeves. They’re cool looking and better for the environment. For an album cover, sometimes I’ll just type out the name of the mix, but sometimes I will create album art from scratch or based off of stock photos. They’ll really appreciate it. It’s fantastic when they share their music back. I hope that this Instructable helped, now go out there and make some mixes!
How to Make a Mix CD

How to Make a Hoverboard

How to Make a Hoverboard

Introduction: How to Make a Hoverboard

Have you ever fantasized about flying on a cool hoverboard like in Back to the Future 2? Were you ever mad that such a technology hadn’t been created yet, or had been faked as a prank(yes, Back to the Future fans, I know you know what I’m talking about)? Well, wait no longer! My step by step guide will have you building an electromagnetic one in no time. However, I must disclaim, the original, design of this makes it so its not actually movable like a skateboard, but will instead float in the same place. I would suggest reading through this entire guide before making the choice to create you own. If you do create you own using this idea, but altering it for the better, I would be very happy if you would send me your work so I can see how to make mine better. I’m always excepting friendly criticism. Let’s get started! (Keep in mind that this hoverboard and the one from Back to the Future will not look the same.)Step 1: Materials: What to Get

(Keep in mind this is based on my design. Get more if you plan on building a stronger, or larger scale hoverboard)1. (x6) 6″ Iron Railroad Spike. (Could you believe all they use these for now is for antiques and knife making faires. I don’t think railroad companies even use them anymore!)

2. 300 400′ enameled copper wire(AKA: Magnet Wire) 20 AWG (I would suggest Remington Industries for this)

3. Wire Strippers (duh!)

4. Duct Tape (You can never have too much duct tape)

5. 50 D Batteries. DO NOT: get power saver batteries or anything that the package says “longer lasting” this means it uses less energy than regular batteries, and you’re going to need a LOT of energy. (and yes I said fifty of them, not a typo)

6. A Standard Skateboard (I would suggest Tony Hawk skateboards. That’s what I based my measurements on.)(Also, make sure its one you’re not afraid to dismantle)

7. A Non Conductible Base. (Large enough to fit three skateboards side by side) DO NOT: use a floor as a base. this base is meant for maneuverability so you could take you hoverboard to test in different locations.

8. 16 small screws. (I used the screws that were already on the board(plus another board’s screws). I would recommend getting iron screws that were that size if you can find them)

9. Screwdriver (Again: Duh!)

10. Electric Drill. (I’ll explain later)

11. Battery Holders (Same amount as the amount of batteries your getting.)

12: Measuring Tape (For measuring. Keep in mind: When I say top of the board, I mean where you put your back foot in preparation for a kick flip.(Research for a better understanding if needed)

Step 1: Unscrew your screws from the board. This means you’ll be taking off the plates and wheels. This should leave you with eight holes.

Step 2: Using your electric drill, drill the holes in order to increase their diameter by approximately 2 millimeters.

Step 3: Now you need to pay close attention.(on each side of the board) 2 ” away from the edge (top and bottom) of the board and 2 ” away from left of the board, drill a hole. Now drill another hole 2 ” to the right of the first hole so that it is 2 ” away from the right of the board. Repeat this step so that there are 2 holes at the top of the board and the bottom of the board.

Step 1: Put the six railroad spikes to the base so that they are in the center and are spread equally 1 foot apart from each other to resemble what a six looks like on a dominoes piece. (3 by 2) Make sure the base of the spike is what’s going to be attached to the actual base.
How to Make a Hoverboard

How to Make a Diaper Motorcycle Baby Shower Show Stopper

How to Make a Diaper Motorcycle Baby Shower Show Stopper

Introduction: How to Make a Diaper Motorcycle Baby Shower Show Stopper

In the past, I have made , where you roll up each individual diaper using a rubberband, put them into a circle shape, decorate it with cute baby things, and present it to a mother to be with oohs and ahhs from everyone. A time consuming task, I reserved making that gift for only the most special people in my life who were going to have a new baby.

That was before I joined Pinterest.

I had pinned a motorcycle diaper cake to one of my boards, and when the time came to actually make the gift, I was unfortunately disappointed when the link I pinned took me to just a photo, and I was unable to see how to make the gift easily.

A quick Google search as I walked around Target took me to an exceptional tutorial on a blog here: Sweet Aprils, the Blog. This is not needed, unless you are like me and plan on giving the diapers as part of the present.
How to Make a Diaper Motorcycle Baby Shower Show Stopper