How to Create a

How to Create a

What is A “Vision Board” and how can that help me?

Astonishing things can happen for you when you get your dreams in concrete form. The easiest way to do this is to create a “Vision Board.”

A Vision Board is a collection of pictures and words that symbolize your hopes and dreams. The easiest way to do this is to create a “Vision Board.”

A Vision Board is a collection of pictures and words that symbolize your hopes and dreams. It can be for one specific topic or it can be for a period of time. The power of a vision board is phenomenal for it brings ideas into physical reality and makes them concrete. You will be astonished at how many things will come true all you have to do is make it and look at it

What makes a Vision Board work?

Simply by looking at he pictures, words and symbols you place on your board you are activating the “reticular Formation” in your brain. This is the part of your brain responsible for bring things to your awareness that are important to you.

ie) Say your friend gets a red sports car and shows it to youyou will start seeing red sports cars everywhere. They were there before but your “reticular formation” knew they were not of interest to you.

A. Gather your supplies and find a large, quite space to spread out. It can be a tabletop or the floor.

What you are looking for here is space to be alone (unless someone else is vision boarding with you). It is important to create the vision board with no talking or interruptions. You want to be in a state of “flow”.

Talking activates the left side of the brain where the language centers are located. For creating of any kind, we want the Right side to be activated. Creativity and spirituality come only through the Right side.

B. Get Focused: Before you cut a single picture out of the magazines, get focused on what you want. Place your hands on the poster board in front of you.

The easiest way to begin creating is to be still and focus on your physical heart center, Ask yourself,
How to Create a
“What is most important to my heart now”.

Just relax and you will be surprised at what comes up. (It is helpful to touch your favorite EFT point or to hold the TAT position)

Going by the thoughts, feelings, or images that came up for you, craft a “focus phrase” that sums up what you desire.

The important thing here is to follow what came up for you in the meditation on your heart center. Your heart’s going to rule anyway Now WRITE your “focus phrase” in the center of your poster board. This is now your mantra to keep you focused.

D. Search for Images and words

Begin to go through your magazine searching for images and words that symbolize your focus phrase. Resist getting caught up in reading articles etc. let nothing deter you from creating this vision board of your dreams.Important You will not be doing any cutting with scissors yet.

When you see an image and words of interest, rip the whole page out and put it in a pile.

Because you are going to have way more images than you have space for, there is another sorting process later. For nowrip away.

After you have assembled quite a nice pile of images and words,
How to Create a
start the final sorting process. (Remember to have only soft music with no words playing and no talking)