How to Install 7zip on Ubuntu Linux

How to Install 7zip on Ubuntu Linux

How to Install 7zip on Ubuntu Linuxby Lonnie Lee Best

7zip is a free, open source, cross platform, software used to archive and compress files (or hierarchies of files) into a single file or into a series of files with a user specified size limit.

7zip supports all the major “archive and compression” file types you’d want to create or view, plus it provides its own lossless compression type (7z) that I’ve come to prefer. In short, I don’t zip or Rar files anymore; I 7zip them!

Installing 7 zip in Ubuntu Linux is simple. Follow these instructions:From the “Applications” menu, select “Ubuntu Software Center” (it use to be labeled “Add/Remove”, before version 9.10). This will bring up Ubuntu’s applications manager.

Select “All applications” from the “View” menu (located at the top).

Type “7zip” in to the search box (top left) and press on your keyboard.

Click “7zip”, and then click the “right arrow” icon on the right.

Click the “Install” button (near the bottom, under the page’s description of 7zip).

Authenticate. Type in your password. Now, 7 zip will be downloaded and installed.

Create and View 7zip files with Ubuntu’s “Archive Manager” (file roller)

After, installing 7zip, you’ll be able compress any file or folder into a .7z file by simply: (1) right clicking it (2) selecting “Create Archive” from the context menu (3) name the output file (4) select 7z from the drop down menu and (5). Click the “Create” button.

Other than the method mentioned above, Linux doesn’t yet provide a GUI that graphical exposes all of 7zip’s features. This means that you’ll have to type some 7z commands into a command prompt. Go here for a little help:.
How to Install 7zip on Ubuntu Linux