fourth or a trophy

fourth or a trophy

I have to admit, I dismayed at the result of your poll. You pose a tough question, but how can anyone swap winning something tangible for coming fourth?

What happened to the charm and allure (felt around the world) of the FA Cup? Arsenal really have broken English Football. Of course I rather be in the Champions League than Europa, but if you win the Europa you qualify for the Champions League anyway.

I think on balance, if winning the league is out, I rather focus on the cups and earn the right to play in the Champions League by being Champions of something. If United won the Europa, I not really be fussed where we came in the league. But maybe it easy to say as a fan of a team that won it recently.

That has to be better than a cabinet full of imaginary fourth place trophies, doesn it?

I have been at least a thrice daily reader of your website for roughly a year now, and must first express my gratitude for providing a guaranteed delight in an otherwise mundane working day.

This is my first time I have felt compelled to write in, and I do so in anger.

Having meticulously planned my Saturday sporting entertainment, I was thoroughly looking forward to the seamless transition from one battle of the titans to another, from Man City/ Chelsea to El Classico.

Above all, the drama of the latter is probably the game I look forward to the most in the sporting calendar, with sporting, political and social ramifications in abundance.

However, thanks to the powers that be (and I sure initially for good reason), I will not be able to witness the spectacle of the Catalonians facing off against their fiercest rivals due to a ban on broadcasting ban on UK television for live football matches between the hours of 2.45pm and 5.15pm.

This is an issue that has been addressed before, and for the purposes of the domestic game I understand the reasoning.

However, when such a tasty encounter appears in a foreign league, surely the rule could be flexed to permit this (and also give the British PFM another reason to gripe about the foreign game getting preferential treatment.

Until next time, I hope you all have a delightful weekend, and as a parting request, more regular literacy genius from the Cheeky Punter would be glorious.

Scott (Another Painful Season for the Minster Men), York

Jesse Lingard reminds of a young Freddie Ljungberg. Limited technically in comparison to his peers, but his off the ball movement and space finding is second to none. Give him time to improve his composure and finishing and he could end up being a top, top player. Keep blaming him for United inadequacies and watch another English talent go down the drain. He is evidently a late developer, so let him develop people. Patience is sadly a lost art in today game.

He has his place in this United team. Maybe not our strongest XI, but he should start his fair share of games. He could end up as a big a part of our team as Ljungberg once was for Arsenal.

Stoke City Burnley. What do you do when your team is super duper mega impossibly abject when away from home? If your opponent is Stoke, you work on set pieces, because the Potters are behind only the Pardews in goals conceded. You look at an opposing midfield that might still be missing Glenn Whelan, and get ready to attack down the middle. You drill a back line that largely surrendered to West Bromwich Albion two weeks ago. You hope Tom Heaton and Dean Marney are fit, because Johann Berg Gudmundsson isn’t. You send subliminal messages through Mark Hughes’s smartphone to start Jonathan Walters instead of Wilfried Bony, like he did last week against Watford. You learn Dutch swear words to distract Bruno Martins Indi, the in form defender. You search YouTube for inspirational videos. And, hopefully, you play some football.

Stat: Michael Keane leads the league in shots blocked, with 24.

West Ham Arsenal. A fixture averaging 4.0 goals over its last six times out. A large banana skin for Arsenal: they’ve been picking up points without playing terribly well, and West Ham, even with new injury questions, almost have to be better than against Manchester United midweek. No way to predict who the wheel of fortune will select in Arsenal’s midfield, but I’d include Francis Coquelin to blunt the Hammers’ attack. There’s usually plenty of space behind Pedro Obiang and Mark Noble, and since last year Alex Iwobi delivered two assists from that very spot, he should be in the lineup as well. But last year a certain Andy Carroll scored a hat trick from far post crosses, so the Gunners need to get close to their men on the wings. West Ham gambled a bit in the midweek game and got overrun, so perhaps we’ll see a more cautious approach. But let’s hope for the usual allotment of goals.

Stat: Arsenal have 12 different players with assists this season, most in the league.

Middlesbrough Hull City. What looks like a Monday night borefest is one of the more intriguing games of the week. For the first time this season, Boro will be a clear favorite, going up against a team likely to sit back to frustrate them. Do they have the passing talent and the nous? With Dieumerci Mbokani suspended, Mike Phelan is probably back to one available striker, Adama Diomand. But Hull’s 4 5 1 may frustrate Boro’s wing attackers, so Adam Forshaw needs to be effective in the middle. Will Aitor Karanka instruct Adama Traor to come inside as well? Hull have been mostly a right sided attacking team, but with Andrew Robertson available again they could attack more up the left, to go at Boro’s weak point, right back Antonio Barragan. For a tight game, let’s think set pieces: Hull have scored six and allowed six, Middlesbrough have scored three and allowed three.

Stat: Middlesbrough lead the league in tackles per game, with 21.2, but are last in shots on target per game, with 2.46.

Something I think gets overlooked in the whole fact rant debacle is what had happened just before that.

If you cast your mind back to December 28th 2008 LFC had just beaten Newcastle 5 1 away from home and afterwards Stevie G had a rather unpleasant altercation with a DJ.

All the talk afterwards was of how Gerrard, our captain/talisman/God, was facing up to five years in prison for GBH and how he single handedly messed up our best chance for a title in donkeys years.

Then out comes Rafa a week later and all of a sudden the narrative switched and all talk of Gerrard stopped and the focus was on Rafa.

It always struck me as extremely odd that nobody seems to want to mention this and that it been used as a stick to beat Rafa in the intervening years, but then again history is written by the winners and so this has gone down as Fergie getting Rafa to start cracking up.

A quick thought on Rafa/Rant/Facts something which I surprised Gerrard didn mention in his autobiography December Liverpool beat Newcastle at St James Park

29th December Gerrard arrested for an alleged assault, the case drags on until July

9th January Rafa has his everyone then concentrates on Rafa and his cracking up, taking a lot of attention from Gerrard for the next couple of months
fourth or a trophy

Four decades on Boulder’s Pearl Street Mall

Four decades on Boulder’s Pearl Street Mall

1974: The Downtown Boulder Association explores possibilities of a Pearl Street Mall. Early plans envision underground parking beneath the mall.

February 1975: A plan for a four block Pearl Street Mall is accepted by the Boulder City Council. It does not include underground parking.

Aug. 6, 1977: The Pearl Street Mall then officially known as the Downtown Boulder Mall opens with a crowd rendition of “My Country ‘Tis of Thee” and a ribbon cutting by Mayor Frank Buchanan.

September 1977: Plans are announced for $50,000 mall restrooms, with a city staffer saying, “This is not going to be your standard concrete block crapper.”

1979: Strife erupts between what reports term “street people” and other mall visitors, and a poll finds that people don’t feel safe on the mall in the evening due to harassment by panhandlers.

1980: The Downtown Historic District was placed on the National Register of Historic Places. Department of Housing and Urban Development gives Boulder its Honor Award for its Downtown Revitalization Project Design.

1981: Mall sales tax revenues decline.

October 1982: About 15,000 people attend the Halloween Mall Crawl and 26 are arrested for investigation of inciting a riot. The cleanup costs $7,500.

December 1985: The Blue Note closes.1983: Stricter rules regulating street performers are put in place.

1984: The mall hosts a celebration marking the 1984 Olympic cycling medals won by hometown hero Davis Phinney and his wife, Connie Carpenter Phinney.

August 1987: The mall celebrates its 10th birthday with a 50 foot cake replica of the mall, which was expected to feed about 4,000.

1987: Halloween BYO drinking is banned; celebrants must buy their alcohol at a restaurant or bar.

1988: The Art Cinema movie venue,
Four decades on Boulder's Pearl Street Mall
which had opened in 1965 with the cult film to be “Mondo Cane,” closes.

December 1988: First Lights of December Parade is held.

1989: The Halloween Mall Crawl attracts 40,000 revelers and causes $50,000 in damages.

1993: The 13th Street Bikeway is completed, despite protests about the loss of parking spaces.

August 1995: A candlelight memorial is held for the Grateful Dead’s Jerry Garcia.

1997: The “Downtown Boulder Mall” was formally changed to the “Pearl Street Mall.”

1999: The New York Delicatessen, famous as the eatery favored by TV’s “Mork and Mindy,” closes.

2000: The mall prepares for arrival of FlatIron Crossing, with merchants working on marketing and maintenance program to keep shoppers downtown.

2001: The Family Gathering Area in the 1200 block is refurbished, with the original gravel surface replaced with a soft surfacing material and ADA access improvements. Also, a new $350,000 bathroom facility features piped in music and hidden plumbing features, to deter vandals.

June 2002: The pop jet fountain in the 1300 block of the mall is completed. This is part of extensive renovation that year costing $4 million and including the removal of a bus shelter and installation of new animal sculptures.

September 2002: The “weeping” rock and three granite split rocks on the 1100 block are installed shortly after the mall’s 25th anniversary.

May 2004: Sales tax revenue for the mall in May shows a 0.6 percent increase over the same period the previous year,
Four decades on Boulder's Pearl Street Mall
indicating continued health in the wake of FlatIron Crossing’s arrival in neighboring Broomfield.

October 2006: It is reported that the 300 plus police citations issued by officers in the mall during that summer were double the total for the same period in 2004.

Four deaths reported in Lake County related to snow removal

Four deaths reported in Lake County related to snow removal

HAMMOND Small children sloppily constructed igloos and snowslides against homes on the side streets of central Hammond on Saturday only to watch their hard work later collapse.

Armed with shovels and ice scrapers, two teenage girls cleaned off their mothers car on 170th Street and shoveled out snow from beneath her tires.

Theyre digging me out so we can all get to church tomorrow, Traci Nixon said, smiling from her front door as her bundled up daughters Naja, 15, and Daja, 14, scraped and shoveled in the streets.

The city of LaPorte received 11 inches, while Dyer saw 10.5 inches, Valparaiso 8 and Gary a reported 12, according to preliminary figures from the NWS.

A winter weather advisory is in effect until noon Sunday,
Four deaths reported in Lake County related to snow removal
with the NWS predicting another 2 to 5 inches of snowfall across portions of Northwest Indiana.

4 people have died removing snow

At least four people have died since the start of the storm Thursday while shoveling, plowing or using snowblowers, Lake County Coroner Merrilee Frey said. Their ages ranged from 51 to 72, according to Frey.

A 70 year old Crown Point man was pronounced dead at Franciscan Health in Dyer on Saturday after he was out removing snow. A 51 year old person from Crown point died in their home after coming inside from shoveling snow.

Porter County Coroner Chuck Harris said he had no weather related deaths to report, as of Saturday afternoon. The LaPorte County Coroner did not respond to a request for comment Saturday.

Nationwide, snow shoveling is responsible for thousands of injuries and as many as 100 deaths each year, according to the National Safety Council.

A photo of Lake Station Police Chief Dave Johnson and his Assistant Chief Jerry Baldazo shoveling an elderly residents home circulated on social media over the weekend. By Saturday afternoon, the photo had been shared more than 200 times and garnered at least 600 likes.

Mary Wantuck, of Lake Station, who snapped the photo, said she was proud of the Lake Station police and their hard work.

Johnson said he and Baldazo responded to a call Friday in the 4500 block of Riverpool Road from an elderly resident who was severely snowed in. Thats when Johnson,
Four deaths reported in Lake County related to snow removal
Baldazo and another neighbor picked up shovels and began digging her out.

Four arrested on suspicion of counterfeit money

Four arrested on suspicion of counterfeit money

Four people were arrested after using counterfeit money at the Mobil Gas Station on North Coast Highway this week, according to Laguna Beach police.

Rosa Mojica, 63, Tania Santoya, 33, Roberto Jose Rodriguez, 33, and a 16 year old male juvenile were all arrested Thursday for burglary, conspiracy to commit a crime, possession of fraudulent items and counterfeiting. All four are from Santa Ana.

A station employee told the police that two men tried to use counterfeit money Wednesday evening. He noticed something was wrong and confronted them, but they fled in a 1996 Chevy Camaro. The attendant was able to get a partial license plate.

Laguna Beach police found the car, with the four suspects inside, on Pacific Coast Highway near West Street and initiated a traffic stop.

They found $5,000 in counterfeit money hidden in Santoya’s pants, according to a press release.

Police said it appeared that they used a high quality printer and paper that looked like worn newsprint. They attempted to use the currency at mom and pop shops and fast food restaurants.

Detectives found more counterfeit currency at their home and items used for production.

All three adults have a criminal record including theft and burglary related charges.

They were transported to Orange County Jail on Thursday. The adults have also been placed on “hold” by immigration officials due to being illegal aliens.
Four arrested on suspicion of counterfeit money

Fossilization palaeontology

Fossilization palaeontology

This editable Main Article is under development and not meant to be cited; by editing it you can help to improve it towards a future approved, citable version. These unapproved articles are subject to a disclaimer. [edit intro]

This article is about the process in palaeontology. For other uses of the term Fossilization, please see Fossilization (disambiguation).

Fossilization is the process that preserves evidence of life in earth’s rock record. This evidence of past life is called a fossil. The word “fossil” is derived from the Latin fossilis, something dug up.[1]

During the Middle Ages, the term “fossil” was used for any sample recovered from the earth, including rocks and minerals.[1] Today, the use of “fossil” is limited to the record of ancient life. Fossilization can preserve actual remnants of an organism, or evidence of their presence in an ecosystem.[1]Fossil of Mesosaurus tenuidens, a swimming reptile from the Whitehill Formation near Kimberley, South Africa.

Understanding the process of fossilization, and the different means through which it can occur, is used by taphonomists, paleontologists, and geologists to understand the lives of past organisms and the ancient environments in which they lived. The fossil record, however, is not a representative sample of past life, because certain organisms, and particular elements of those organisms, are more likely to be preserved than others. In addition certain environments are more suitable for fossilization than others, and some environments will yield no fossil remains through time.

Taphonomy is the study of what has happened to an organism from the moment of death until it is found as a fossil.[2] Exploring the process of fossilization from a taphonomic perspective allows placement of individual fossils into a wider context. Death can occur as a result of burial and in this case biostratinomic processes may not take place.

Biostratinomic processes Processes such as reorientation, disarticulation, fragmentation,
Fossilization palaeontology
and corrosion, which modify the remains. Not desirable, as information is lost. Between the time of death and burial, biostratinomic processes alter the remains. Before burial, an organic skeleton is normally subject to reorientation, disarticulation, fragmentation, and corrosion. Once it is buried, it undergoes diagenetic processes. Diagenesis is simply any change, chemical or physical, which occurs in an organism after burial.[3] Such changes are necessary for preservation, because organic matter will not survive for long before it is decomposed, and even hard parts, as bones, teeth, calcified shells, are normally prone to destruction. A typical diagenetic process is mineralization, which can occur with various minerals such as pyrite, phosphates or the various forms of silica.[3]

Fossilization is not a process that only occurred millions of years ago. It has also occurred in the recent past, simply because the same geological processes that happened in the past are also taking place now. Because it was only fossilized recently, it is termed a “sub fossil”.

“Post mortem modification is a virtually unavoidable fact of fossilization”.[6] Older fossils are more likely to have been modified by diagenetic processes, and thus, to be a less accurate copy of the original.[6] Analysis of modes of fossilization in an assemblage can reveal whether that assemblage represents input from more than one source.[7]
Fossilization palaeontology

Foss Maritime to expand Rainier shipyard

Foss Maritime to expand Rainier shipyard

A Rainier boatbuilder will undertake a $1.7 million expansion of its shipyard that will enable it to boost employment and build two vessels at the same time.

Under the project, Foss Maritime will extend its shipbuilding facilities 65 feet farther into the Columbia River and give crews an additional 10,000 square feet to build vessels. The company needs the extra space to handle its growing business, said Mark Houghton, director of shipyard operations.

Construction is scheduled to begin in November and finish in March. Crews will have to finish all in water work by February to avoid disturbing fish runs along the Columbia River.

To compensate for habitat loss in the river, Foss will improve a one third acre parcel of land east of Fox Creek to make it a feeding and resting area for juvenile salmon. Glenn Grette, senior biologist and principal of environmental consulting firm Grette Associates, said the area will be dug out to lower the water levels by a few feet native plants will be placed there. Foss will maintain the area, he said.

Houghton said he has no firm figure on how many additional employees will be hired. The need will change depending on the type of number of projects. Foss now has 44 employees, an increase a dozen over last year.

The Rainier shipyard is building a state ferry for service on Lake Roosevelt in Central Washington. The company announced late last month that it will build three new Arctic class tugs for its own fleet. Those tugs will increase its capacity to take on oil and gas projects in the Arctic.
Foss Maritime to expand Rainier shipyard

Forward Looking Trial Results Should Help NPS Pharmaceuticals Bounce Back

Forward Looking Trial Results Should Help NPS Pharmaceuticals Bounce Back

His firm, Canaccord Genuity, suggests that clients buy shares of NPS Pharmaceuticals on after an over done sell off following GATTEX Cancer Signals.

Recently, NPS Pharmaceuticals released new data from the company’s Phase 3 STEPS 2 study of Gattex in short bowel syndrome. Much of the data was consistent with prior studies Gattex significantly reduces the amount of parenteral and IV nutrition relative to placebo, and a large number of recipients respond. It was reported that three patients developed cancer and two died from it during the course of the study, but two of the cancer cases involved lung cancer in known smokers.

The other as explained by Stephen Simpson was a metastatic adenocarcinoma with probable GI origin clearly a concern with a GI active drug like Gattex. “Here, though, is a question of sloppy patient enrollment. Gattex has always been contra indicated in people with cancer, and the clinics were not supposed to enroll patients with any sign of cancer five years prior to the study. Apparently a CT scan of the adenocarcinoma patient showed some suspicious signs that should have been investigated more thoroughly.”

Another Seeking Alpha contributor, Bryce Istvan, also believes the sell off was unwarranted. “While the data was positive, investors were spooked,” writes Istvan. “Despite the deaths, the study was reviewed and approved with no recommended changes by an independent safety board. The drug has been granted orphan drug status by the FDA and European Medicines Agency (EMA). It has already been submitted for approval with the EMA and NPS plans to file for FDA approval by year end.”

Shares of the company did close 6% higher during an otherwise brutal market day on Tuesday.

In his notes, analyst Farmer writes: “Despite report of three cancer cases (2 lung, 1 GI), we continue to see high GATTEX promise as treatment of short bowel syndrome (SBS).”

Farmer sees “a significantly oversold NPSP shares trading near our estimated $5 floor assuming zero pipeline value ($2.50 Sensipar royalty value,
Forward Looking Trial Results Should Help NPS Pharmaceuticals Bounce Back
$2 net cash). We are confident in H2/12 GATTEX approval on a Q4/11 US regulatory filing, but nevertheless believe commercial potential will be dampened. Eliminating 10 15% of the SBS market (patients with cancer history), reducing 2012 approval likelihood to 60% (from 80%), and ramping more slowly to a new 2021 peak $263M target in our model, we estimate GATTEX value at $3.50/share (from $6.50). Our $2/share estimate for 558 remains unchanged.”

He continues: “Whether GATTEX caused, propagated, or had nothing to do with reported cancer episodes is uncertain. GLP 2 mitogenic effects on gut are well understood, but impact on lung is questionable. Of dubious consequence, we note that Dan Drucker reported GLP 2 receptor expression in rat lung in 2000, but at much lower levels than in rat gut. Moreover, per management, lung cancer incidence in SBS patients in Poland (where both cases were observed) is quite high. STEPS2 updates at DDW in May will be critical, in our view, to better ascertain GATTEX cancer risk.”

The BioMedReports FDA Calendar and Worldwide Regulatory Catalyst Tracker remind investors that the firm is expecting Phase III NPSP558 results in hypoparathyroidism later this quarter. This is an important milestone in their NPSP558 pivotal Phase III study in hypoparathyroidism and the company pointed out in our tracked March news release, that they are looking forward to reporting top line results by the end of 2011 of NPS Pharmaceuticals.

There are currently no approved treatments for hypoparathyroidism, a disease that can cause serious bone, muscular and neurological symptoms. Current treatment approaches are palliative and can lead to long term health risks. As a replica of natural parathyroid hormone 1 84,
Forward Looking Trial Results Should Help NPS Pharmaceuticals Bounce Back
NPSP558 has the potential to address the unmet need by treating the underlying cause of the disorder rather than just manage the symptoms.

Fort Saskatchewan is great for everyone

Fort Saskatchewan is great for everyone

Fort Saskatchewan is not only a great place to live, but it also a place bursting with history and uniqueness.

Within the last year, the city has finished its Fort Heritage Precinct, which harkens back to the early days of settlement in the now capital region, and lets residents and visitors see a glimpse of life in days gone by, said Diane Yench, the city culture and historic precinct supervisor.

includes an absolutely beautiful exhibit that talks about the history of the North West Mounted Police both in Canada and especially the impact it had here, Yench said.

Creating the fort was not an especially simple task, she said.

original site was there, but no way to represent it, she said.

A lot of research went into determining what buildings had been on the site, where they had been located, how big they were, how many there were, and what they had been used for.

Work started in 2009 and progressed in phases, and wrapped up with the completion of the entire Fort Heritage Precinct in the spring of 2015.

In addition to the NWMP fort, the Fort Heritage Precinct also features eight heritage buildings, including a 1909 courthouse, a 1902 school and a 1905 house.

Set up to resemble a village overlooking the North Saskatchewan River valley, it encourages people to come out, look around and learn about the history not only of Fort Saskatchewan, but of the entire area, most of its history relates to the entire capital region, Yench said.

The Fort Heritage Precinct is the third side of a triangle with Edmonton and St. Albert, she explained.

Back when the area was being settled, Edmonton was the fur trade centre, St. Albert was the religious centre with the M and missionaries, and Fort Saskatchewan with the fort was the police centre.

three pieces tell that story of the complete history of the area, Yench siad. a great story to be able to tell and be a part of the whole region.
Fort Saskatchewan is great for everyone

Fort McMurray Gretzky collector saved jerseys

Fort McMurray Gretzky collector saved jerseys

EDMONTON He saved precious hockey memorabilia from the flames, but one of Canada biggest sports collectors says the Fort McMurray fire may have cost him his hobby.

don know that collecting means as much to me anymore, said Shawn Chaulk, who was once referred to as the Wayne Gretzky of Wayne Gretzky collectors.

It includes dozens of game worn jerseys and sticks, some worth up to $20,000. He has more than 100 Gretzky sticks from one used in the 1978 world junior tournament to one used in Gretzky last game with the New York Rangers in 1999.

The list includes gloves and helmets worn during Stanley Cup victories and regular season games, skates replete with scuffs and repairs and replica Stanley Cups once owned by former Oilers owner Peter Pocklington, who is still reviled by some Oilers fans for trading Gretzky to the Los Angeles Kings in 1988.

The situation put a whole new meaning on the question: What would you take if your home were on fire?

As his wife and children threw clothes and toys into suitcases last Tuesday during Fort McMurray evacuation, Chaulk was downstairs with an associate trying to figure that one out.

dumped my safe and took things like Gretzky rookie cards. I opened two hockey bags and put them on the floor and said, filling was ripping jerseys out of display cases and off hangars at a speed I didn know I could operate at just throwing them at Mark and he was filling the hockey bags. We zipped up the two bags and that became it. What we had, we had. choices were tough.

No. 1 collectible I took out of there was Gretzky Canada Cup jersey worn in the cup winning game. And his stick. decided to focus on jerseys, including three Mark Messier Team Canada jerseys.

liquid and we could need the money to rebuild. memorabilia wasn all that made the cut. His son first skates and his daughter first Oilers slippers went in the bag.

For some reason, he didn bring the photo album with pictures of all the hockey players he met and shows where he displayed his collection.

was my personal memoir of my life collecting, said Chaulk, sounding baffled. I didn take it. the family left with about 50 jerseys and four Gretzky sticks Chaulk has willed to his children. They drained fuel from their lawnmower to get as much gas in the car as possible and fled north.

Chaulk said their home appears to have escaped the flames. His family is fine, as far as he can tell.

don know. I left this morning to go to a meeting and my four year old cried and didn want me to go. We don know if he cried because he traumatized or because he a four year old and wanted to go with his dad. family will rebuild and move on, but Chaulk not so sure about the hobby he once loved.
Fort McMurray Gretzky collector saved jerseys

Fort Edmonton Canoe Brigade seeks paddlers for Canada Day events

Fort Edmonton Canoe Brigade seeks paddlers for Canada Day events

Nearly a hundred paddlers have signed up to float nine giant fur trade canoes down the North Saskatchewan River this summer as part of a Canada 150 celebration and there still time to join in.

The Fort Edmonton Canoe Brigade will see replica fur trade canoes that measure up to 11 metres long each paddled by teams of as many as a dozen people travel from Devon to Metis Crossing near Smoky Lake from June 30 to July 1.

The spectacle is being hosted as part of ongoing celebrations for Canada sesquicentennial alongside more than a dozen other big canoe events hosted by the Canadian Voyageur Brigade Society across the country, showcasing the canoe as a symbol of cultural cooperation and emphasizing the importance of water stewardship.

The Fort Edmonton Canoe Brigade, which is still accepting applications for participants, has scheduled arrival ceremony stops in Voyager Park in Devon on June 30, Fort Edmonton Park in Edmonton on July 1, Fort Saskatchewan on July 2 and Metis Crossing near Smoky Lake on July 3 before arriving at the final destination, the Victoria Settlement Historic Site.

Spectators at the arrival ceremonies will have a chance to try paddling one of the big canoes for themselves.

And those who would prefer to paddle something a little more pedestrian are invited to join in two smaller canoe events.

Take part in a Canada Day Paddle where canoes and kayaks will meet for breakfast at the Devon Lions Campground before paddling with the rest of the brigade to Fort Edmonton Park. Shuttles will bring boaters back to Devon from Sir Wilfred Laurier Park.

For a little more adventure, on July 2 registered paddlers can meet at Metis Crossing for a paddle, campout, dinner and dance before joining the brigade the following morning for a leisurely paddle to the Victoria Settlement Historic Site for the final arrival ceremony.
Fort Edmonton Canoe Brigade seeks paddlers for Canada Day events