This Year’s Graduates Include Record Number of Veterans

This Year’s Graduates Include Record Number of Veterans

Two weeks after graduating from high school, Azar Boehm (GS’12) joined the Army. Military Academy at West Point. On an impulse, he enlisted. In 2007, he deployed to Baghdad, where he served for 14 months. With his active duty obligation nearly fulfilled, the sergeant began applying to colleges. But then he was “stop lossed” an involuntary extension of his military commitment and sent to Afghanistan in 2009.

“Being stop lossed was a blessing in disguise because when I was in Afghanistan, I read an article about Columbia’s outreach to veterans,” said Boehm. “Before that, Columbia was never on my radar. I applied as soon as I could.”

Columbia has increasingly attracted students from the front lines as education benefits for veterans have expanded in recent years. Almost 500 veterans from every branch of the military were enrolled in Columbia’s undergraduate and graduate schools this year, and nearly 90 of them will graduate May 16.

Columbia’s School of General Studies, where Boehm, 25, has studied political science, was founded in 1947 to meet the educational needs of nontraditional students, particularly veterans of World War II. More than half of this year’s class of graduating veterans comes from General Studies the largest number the school has turned out since the post World War II era.

“Today, when we assemble a new class of students, we consider our original commitment to veterans, but we do so in the larger context of bringing to Columbia the best and brightest nontraditional students in the world military veterans are a very important part of this student population,” said Curtis Rodgers, dean of enrollment at General Studies. In April 2010, Admiral Mike Mullen, then chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, kicked off a national speaking tour on veterans’ issues at Columbia in recognition of the university’s leadership in welcoming a growing community of Iraq and Afghanistan era student veterans.

Helen Shor (GS’12), a Marine Corps sergeant who needed signed permission from her parents to enlist at age 17, served as an Arabic translator and was deployed three times to Iraq. “Students are often surprised by my experience,” said Shor, 25. “But they’re very respectful and want to hear my perspective.” She will graduate with a bachelor’s in Middle Eastern, South Asian and African studies and pursue a master’s in international security policy at the School of International and Public Affairs.

The Post 9/11 Veterans Educational Assistance Act of 2008 also known as the Post 9/11 GI Bill or, simply, the new GI Bill provides partial to full tuition assistance, a housing allowance and a book stipend to individuals who served on active duty in the military for more than 90 days after Sept. 11, 2001.

“The transition was harder than I thought it would be,” said Kathleen Chiarantona (SW’12), 28, an Air Force captain. “It was difficult to leave my unit, and the support I received from Columbia was invaluable.” Chiarantona,
This Year's Graduates Include Record Number of Veterans
who considers her new career as a social worker an extension of her service to the country, will be working for a federal program aimed at strengthening American families. Military Veterans of Columbia University, known as Milvets, founded by a group of student veterans in 2002. “During my orientation, the head of Milvets already knew who I was,” said Maurice DeCaul (GS’12), a former Marine sergeant studying creative writing at Columbia. “In coming here, I was not just dropped into a new environment and left. in poetry.

In the last year, Milvets, with a membership of more than 250, has organized several events, including a 5K Walk for Life that supported suicide prevention programs and an annual military ball. Boehm, the organization’s vice president, launched a career initiative, inviting recruiters from Google, Bank of America and Credit Suisse, among others, to campus to meet with veterans, some of whom landed internships. Scooby Axson (JRN’12), 34, an Army sergeant, attributes his strong work ethic to his military experience. “I came back alive other guys didn’t,” he said. “I’m fortunate, and I want to make each day count.”

Rudy Rickner (SIPA/BUS’12), 38, a decorated major in the Marine Corps who served three tours in Iraq over 12 years, founded the Columbia SIPA Veterans Association to support and engage veterans at the School of International and Public Affairs. “When I became a civilian, I was excited and wanted to be there, but I was also uncomfortable I was a freshman again,” Rickner said. candidate completed his coursework in December and is working as a senior policy specialist in advertising at Google in California. Rickner will return to campus for Commencement, where Columbia’s veterans will wear braided red, white and blue honor cords on their shoulders.

Anthony Reillo (SW’12), an Army captain who also studied opera at the New England Conservatory of Music, will sing the national anthem at this year’s Commencement.

“I still get chills when I hear it performed and am thankful that I can contribute in this way,” said Reillo, 33. “I have to say that my experience at Columbia has been fantastic.”
This Year's Graduates Include Record Number of Veterans

This week’s 4 events for you

This week’s 4 events for you

Thursdays through March, in the Redstone Room at the RME, 129 Main St., Davenport. Admission is free, and food can be brought in.

This week’s session will feature Playlist QC, a veteran local cover band featuring Lewis Knudsen on vocals/guitar, Ashley Dean on vocals, Brandon Minnis on bass, and Kristopher Keuning and Stu Soliz on percussion.

The band covers a variety of genres, including disco, country, funk and rock, according to its Facebook page. Saturday at the Quad City Botanical Center, 2525 4th Ave., Rock Island.

Local chocolate shops, bakeries, beauty vendors and coffeehouses will offer samples of all things chocolate, and you can snag some tasty Valentine’s Day gifts for the chocolate lover in your life.

The Botanical Center also will provide some history of the delectable flavor in the Sun Garden, which is home to a cacao tree.

New this year will be a drawing to win one of two $500 gift cards to Necker’s Jewelers. Raffle tickets will be sold for $5 each. So the annual Bacon Beer Festival on Saturday will get attendees in prime gorging condition for the 52nd annual game Sunday in Minneapolis.

Gluttons for pleasure who are 21 or older are invited to visit the RiverCenter, 136 E. to sample products from some of the region top eateries,
This week's 4 events for you
pork purveyors, and specialty craft brewers. will cost $55. The festival will feature 100 plus varieties of beer, more than a dozen samplings of bacon inspired dishes, a bacon eating contest, and live entertainment.

In honor of the big game on Sunday, visitors will be able to compete in games for a variety of porky “Pigskin Classic” prizes.

The festival’s mission is “to provide education, recognition and downright gluttony of America’s other pastime, all while showcasing shining stars of swine and providing exposure to one of the fastest entertainment events in the nation,” the website says.

Get ideas and information for building the home of your dreams this weekend at the 41st annual Quad Cities Builders Remodelers Association Home Show at the QCCA Expo Center, 2621 4th Ave., Rock Island.

Over 130 vendors will showcase a wide variety of building and remodeling resources available in the area at this huge one stop shopping event.

“We want people to meet the businesses and builders that are available right here in our area so people can develop a relationship when they are doing a project,” said Julie Huffer, executive officer of the QCBRA, Davenport.

Exhibitors will include companies that offer building and remodeling services, products and services for kitchens and bathrooms, repairs and maintenance, flooring and lighting, windows, siding, lawn care and landscaping,
This week's 4 events for you
and more.

This week and next in fashion

This week and next in fashion

Keeping a small retail store open is hard. Bad weather can affect your store traffic. Customers are fickle. Trends change, and so do neighborhoods. That’s why it’s important to support your local retailers and designers, even when there are no runway shows to attend.

If you really love a certain store, maker, or designer, then support them by shopping with them whenever you can and telling others to do the same. It’s a big deal for a local boutique to make it to nine years (more on that later), but it’s also a big deal when a bunch of local makers get together to do a pop up shop.

So instead of buying your Mother’s Day gift or wedding presents on Amazon, why not go local this year? Get your special event dress at a neighborhood store instead of at the mall. Small gestures like that can have huge benefits. In that spirit, here are a few events you should hit up if you’re feeling inspired by the local retail community.

Winsome, a local clothing line designed by Kathryn Sieve, is hosting a pop up shop as part of Fashion Week MN. The line recently added a flagship location, which is huge for a small brand. Along with Winsome, you’ll find USA made collections from NYC’s Abraham Label (unisex designs) and Carleen (womenswear), plus Minneapolis lines Nine 56 and Happy Things for Happy People, a handmade jewelry line. Um, hello, perfect Mother’s Day gift. Saturday, April 29. 201 SE Sixth St., Minneapolis.)

Arctic Market: A Winter Pop Up

It may not technically be winter anymore, but that’s beside the point. (Although. it does kinda feel like it this week.) A group of local makers including LaLunette Jewelry, Julie Meyer handbags, Uptown boutique Showroom, and Meg Brown Ceramics are teaming up with the Minneapolis Craft Market to host a pop up at the expansive Lakes Legends brewery. Grab some friends,
This week and next in fashion
grab some beers, grab some goods it’s as easy as that. Sunday, April 30. 1368 LaSalle Ave., Minneapolis.)

Northeast boutique Parc (which now also has an outpost in Edina, as well as a large online shop) is turning nine. Congrats, Parc! They’re celebrating their big birthday with a party next Saturday, May 6, featuring discounts, treats, drinks, and a giveaway. Parc is a great example of a local retailer that adapted to the trends and changing times and emerged stronger for it: When the store opened, it was full of designer denim and both men’s and women’s pieces. Now, it’s a pared down mix of simple, minimal, well made separates in a subdued palette. It found its identity, and it worked. Saturday, May 6. 320 Hennepin Ave., Minneapolis.)

Golden Rule Turns 2

Two local stores are having birthdays next week. Excelsior’s Golden Rule is celebrating its second year with a pop up party. Though Golden Rule is still relatively new and small, it’s gotten a lot of attention for its cool girl style. Vendors like Winsome and Neal Jewelry will be there, as well as artists like Ashley Mary and Missy Monson. And what’s a birthday party without treats? Golden Rule’s event features coffee from Coffee Cart and juice via Green Bee Juicery. Saturday and Sunday, May 6 7. 350 Water St., Excelsior.)
This week and next in fashion

This Powerful Quote Was Earth Shattering

This Powerful Quote Was Earth Shattering


Last night I was straightening out my office, going through some notes I had taken when I met with a friend in New York last week, and I came across a powerful quote.

Well, if today you’re trying to figure out how you’re going to get tons of motivated sellers knocking down your door to give you their house, then tomorrow you need to send out the marketing that’s going to create that tidal wave!

The next day your conversation will be upgraded to:

“How can I improve my marketing pieces to get a better response?”

NOT: “How am I going to get tons of motivated sellers knocking down my door?”

Do you see the subtle, yet powerful difference?

If every day you take action in some way towards your end goal you will reach that goal!

You just have to get the ball rolling!

Stop wasting valuable time and money trying to figure out the perfect color paper to use for your postcards; or what are the perfect questions to ask when a motivated seller calls.

Just make some real money by taking action. If your paper color wasn’t perfect or your questions weren’t exactly right that’s OK because you learned something! You can improve upon it the next time!

The important thing is you got the ball rolling.

So I challenge you to Stop Right Now for 2 minutes.

Put down your pen. Turn off your phone. Focus on what’s the one next move you could make NOW that would propel you towards your goal.

NOW TAKE ACTION ON IT! Don’t worry if it’s not perfect.

Just get it done.

Remember, bodies in motion tend to stay in motion; and bodies at rest tend to stay at rest.

It’s simple.

Get the ball rolling today and remember to always, always, always “strive to UPGRADE your conversation daily”!
This Powerful Quote Was Earth Shattering

This is your season to rejoice

This is your season to rejoice

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This is your season to rejoice
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We want to keep you updated with all Christian, Faith Based events community service activities across the world!

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This is your season to rejoice

this is the serial number of our orbital gun

this is the serial number of our orbital gun

When UWP comes into play with Xamarin Forms, you notice that several default control settings are often not resulting in a pleasing UI.

One that caught my eye recently was the way the height is set in a grouped lisview header.

So assume following setup, you define a listview and enable grouping. With that you would like to control what is being shown in the header, so you define your own GroupHeader Template. Inside the template, you only need a small display area, so for demo purpose we will only enable a Label control, but are setting it height to a fix amount of 25!Well this is odd! Somehow the height of our headers is larger than what we defined looks like UWP has some default rendering that overrides what we have set.

So after some digging through the source code of Xamarin forms, I not found any special setting that could trigger this. In other words it not something Xamarin does to the UWP rendering of the listview.

This meant I needed to go look at the default template settings of the UWP control itself. What I found was that the listview control has a special header template style defined that uses a specific value for the minimum height for the ListViewHeaderItemMinHeight!

It set to 44 this explains our weird look and feel on UWP.

The definition for this style can be found here this in mind it actually very easy to fix this in our app. All we need to do is provide a better minimum height value for the given style key.

To show of the power of this, let do a fun example.

Wouldn it be nice if you could create Microsoft Office Excel of Word files on the fly inside your Xamarin Forms app? Of course you could offload this to a backend service, but that means you also need to be the owner of the data service. On the other hand creating simple CSV files that are compatible with Excel is also a possibility, but you are limited to only adding data in that case ( no formula or formatting ).

To accomplish this now ( without any new Visual Studio templates ), just create a new blank PCL Xamarin Forms app.

Now you can just delete the old PCL project.

For our example we also need to add the OpenXML nuget package so that we create and manipulate Docx and Xlsx files.

Let assume you have some data in a local database of pulled down from a REST service, it nicely presented on your screen and you can annotate and filter it.

When you are done you want to transfer this set over to some coworker but he is working in another environment and excel would suit better.

So how do we create an Excel file with this data blob?//Create a new spreadsheet file remark will overwrite existing ones with the same name!.
this is the serial number of our orbital gun

This Arizona company says it has a better flamethrower

This Arizona company says it has a better flamethrower

But instead of declaring, Flame On! Ion Production Team CEO Chris Byars has a different challenge for the billionaire tech entrepreneur: “He should buy our company.”

“It would be really cool to collaborate, I think,” Byars added in a telephone interview.

Musk made news by posting a Saturday tweet that said “say hello to my little friend” and linked to an Instagram photo of a flamethrower with the logo of his Boring excavation company. By Tuesday afternoon, he tweeted that 15,000 of the company’s $500 flamethrowers had been ordered, representing roughly $7.5 million in sales.

The result easily topped the several thousand units Byars said his company has sold over the last few years. Launched as a part time venture more than a decade ago, the Apache Junction, Ariz., company has used a 2015 fundraising campaign to grow into a full time business, Byars said.

It’s also bigger.

“His entire unit is basically the starter torch for ours,” said Byars, whose latest units have a manufacturer’s suggested retail price of $1,099 and a sale price of $899.

A previous model of Ion Production Team flamethrower also had a moment of Hollywood fame.

Film crews on the movie Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle bought one of the handheld models and modified it so Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson could fire the flamethrower with one hand while riding a motorcycle in one of the movie’s action scenes, Byars said. Apparently it also a good night to burn the hell outta my arm. Again. OnLocation HawaiianJungles TheMostDangeeousGameOfAll JUMANJI Dope shot taken by eye himself. Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives, said in an email federal gun and firearms statutes don’t regulate “domestic production and possession of flamethrowers.”

“Therefore, ATF has no regulatory function in this matter,” Kelsey wrote.

However, Byars said his company’s flamethrowers can’t be sold in California, which prohibits units with a reach of more than 10 feet, or in Maryland, which has a total ban.

Byars acknowledged that Ion Production Team with its 19,500 Instagram followers can’t match Musk’s fame and marketing reach. Nonetheless, he dares to envision a possible corporate collaboration with his far better known new competitor.
This Arizona company says it has a better flamethrower

Third state win could be charm for Roanoke screenwriter

Third state win could be charm for Roanoke screenwriter

Founded in 1988, the competition run by the Virginia Film Office awards $1,000 prizes annually to at least three winners. Harvey is only the second person since 1997 to win the award three times, said competition administrator Margaret Finucane. There were 126 entries this year, from which Harvey was one of three winners.Receive today’s headlines in your inbox with our daily news emailHe describes his winning script, “Charter Arms,” set in a Richmond housing development, as “a tragedy with funny parts.” It crosscuts between three connected storylines. The story opens with a horrific accident, “but you don’t know who’s involved or how it happened,” he said. “I was thinking about the way a situation like a disaster involves many people and they all have different perspectives on it and different roles in it.” Gradually, the script reveals how each character contributed to the terrible event. “Everybody pushes the incident a little further until it reaches a breaking point.”Each winning script has adopted a different tone. His 2011 winner, “Hazel Hollow,” was co written with his sister, Richmond attorney Heather Harvey. The script deals with a real murder case: the 1980 investigation into the death of Radford University student Gina Hall and the trial of Stephen Epperly, convicted of killing her based on circumstantial evidence.His second win came in 2013 with “Kangaroo,” a comedy about a frustrated artist who has to move back in with his parents.The Virginia Film Office reports that this year’s festival, which took place Nov. 6 9, held 41 sold out screenings and earned $174,946 in box office sales, a new record for the event. After receiving the award, Harvey got to attend a screening of the forthcoming comedy “5 to 7,” produced by University of Virginia graduate Julie Lynn, and he sat in front of the movie’s star, Frank Langella, whose most famous roles include Dracula and Richard Nixon.Harvey, 44, was inspired to try his hand at screenplays by a lifelong love of movies. (He wrote movie reviews for The Roanoke Times for several years.) He’s been sending scripts to the Virginia competition for so long that he can’t remember when he started, though he qualified as a finalist for the first time in 2001.Since the Virginia competition’s founding, only two winning scripts have been made into movies: “Home Fries,” by Richmond native Vince Gilligan, who went on to work on “The X Files” and to create the show “Breaking Bad” for AMC; and Megan Holley’s “Sunshine Cleaning,” which became a 2008 film starring Amy Adams and Emily Blunt.Harvey started submitting to the competition after hearing how it launched Gilligan’s career, he said. “It took a while to figure out how to tell a story,” he said. “I’m realistic about it. It’s a very difficult thing to sell a movie.”Still, winning three times is extremely validating. “It’s just cool to get recognition,” he said. anybody who is interested in learning, all you need to do is read. 10, the Taubman Museum of Art held its annual Woman’s Luncheon fundraiser. More than 450 people attended the event, which had three guest panelists: Jana Matheson, executive vice president and chief creative officer for Judith Leiber Couture LTD; Alexandra “Sandy” McGill, lead designer for BMW Group DesignworksUSA; and Juliet Kinchin, curator for the department of architecture and design at the Museum of Modern Art in New York.The museum’s Ann Fralin Award for support of arts and education went to Judith Leiber, whose custom handbags have been on display as a gift from Roanoke philanthropists Sydney and Rosalie Krisch Shaftman since the museum opened in 2008. Leiber did not attend but provided a video acceptance speech.The Art Venture Award for achievement in arts education went to Salem nonprofit Southwest Virginia Ballet, a frequent collaborator with the museum.
Third state win could be charm for Roanoke screenwriter

Third annual Frostival happening next weekend

Third annual Frostival happening next weekend

The third annual Frostival takes place Feb. 2 to Feb. All games will be held at the Kinsmen Outdoor rink.Civic CentreOver at the Civic Centre, the first activity is the Frostival Frolic fun walk/run on Saturday Feb. 3. Participants will make use of the city multiway system for either a three or five kilometre trek. Registration opens at 8:30 and the walk/run starts at 9:30.Lede ParkThere is a heated tent on site as well as concession,
Third annual Frostival happening next weekend
which a local Leduc team is running, with a barbecue as well as hot chili. There is also a raffle for tickets to the Edmonton Oilers April 5 game against the Las Vegas Golden Knights as well as an authentic jersey. Anyone can purchase tickets and the draw will be live on Facebook at noon on Feb. 4. All proceeds from the raffle as well as 50/50 tickets go to Leduc and District Emergency Shelter Association.
Third annual Frostival happening next weekend

Third and final marijuana bill introduced

Third and final marijuana bill introduced

Mary’s v. Colorado Springs Christian School

HIGHLIGHTS: Lewis Palmer vs. Longmont in 4A basketball state title game

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Third and final marijuana bill introduced
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Third and final marijuana bill introduced