release another difficult decision for Edmonton Eskimos GM

release another difficult decision for Edmonton Eskimos GM

In the span of three days, Brock Sunderland severed ties between the fans and their favourite players not named Mike ReillyBrock Sunderland isn here to make friends.

If that were the case, in his first full off season as Edmonton Eskimos general manager, he wouldn have gone and released long time fan favourite on offence, Adarius Bowman.

think the world of Adarius Bowman, I had a long conversation with him yesterday. He knows how I feel about him, Sunderland said in the Eskimos locker room Monday. know what he meant to this community, to this organization, the Tom Pate award winner, Adarius 4 Autism.

the hard part of the business. My role, I here to make the right decisions, I believe, not the popular or the easy ones. I know this is a very unpopular one, but I wouldn be doing my job if we kept players around for sentimental value or reasons other than what we think is to help this football team. all, his primary job is to find the next Adarius Bowman, not keep paying a player when the signs point otherwise.

were two: The main one was who we have as international wide receivers on the roster right now, said Sunderland, who also on Monday re signed Vidal Hazelton to a list that includes Derel Walker, Kenny Stafford, Duke Williams and Bryant Mitchell, along with newcomers Shaq Hill and Speedy Noil. 28, 2016, in Hamilton.

While Sunderland wouldn get into details, The Canadian Press reported Bowman was due a $140,000 bonus in early February as part of a contract extension he signed after leading the league with 1,759 receiving yards in 2016, which made him the highest paid non quarterback at the time.

Bowman made $260,000 last year and was scheduled to make $265,000 in 2018, including the off season bonus.

While a down turn in performance of just 534 yards and five touchdowns on 45 receptions last year didn balance out the paycheck this time around, Sunderland made numerous attempts to renegotiate terms prior to releasing Bowman.

it came down to I don think we could find a solution all parties were good with, Sunderland said. 2, 2017.

While Bowman didn return interview requests Monday, the 32 year old Oklahoma State product may have seen the writing on the wall as the Eskimos cleared out their locker room back in November. one, you kind of feel it more than ever because when you in it, you don really have time to think and process how much fun we truly are having.

how much of a great thing until it gone. That is the worst feeling. But at the same time, I think it motivating all of us and we have some that will be getting opportunities (elsewhere). They brothers to us, so you excited for them. weeks after uttering those words, it appears his outlook didn change even though he ended up being one of the ones moving on, given how Sunderland said Bowman took the news of his release Sunday.

Bowman and Willis supporters, however, not so much.

And Sunderland fully understands.

course, that the life blood of this organization, he said. you have two premier players who are the face of this organization, who are great in the community, who have made Edmonton home, of course it does, and they were not easy decisions.

job is to make the right decisions, not the easy ones. I wish they were all easy, but these were very difficult decisions to make and difficult conversations to have with both players.
release another difficult decision for Edmonton Eskimos GM