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Modern mold die is the main process equipment in industrial production. The development of modern industrial products and technical level, largely depends on the level of development of die and mould industry. Since the Second World War, the degree of automation to improve the overseas mold rapid development. Although China is a big country of production of the mold, but also not die manufacturing power. For the spring and the mold matching, but also the achievement of the whole set of mould quality, it is good or bad is the set of mould will affect the use of performance of the.

I’m just to die spring rectangular spring surface treatment did market research. Find the following questions should be proposed to discuss with you.

The spring surface using a variety of paint layer to generation for identification, such as light lotus reuse yellow paint said light load; the blue paint said Sino Dutch reuse; red paint representation; extremely heavy duty Coffee paint said;

Performance analysis: paint layer good supporting spring surface treatment, can shoot two hawks with one arrow, use color to mark the various technical parameters, convenient industrial production operation, but also makes the anti corrosion performance of spring surface can better guarantee.

The main manufacturers currently use the successful way for foreign manufacturers, such as the East Japan company etc.

In China, this is only a small part of manufacturers to follow, at present mainly is the requirement of some fixed technology, such as the use of imported materials to achieve the foreign level, but the whole spring surface treatment effect is obvious gap.

General domestic use artificial spray paint, the appearance will appear flowing, leakage, poor combination of spray, anti rust ability difference. Process limitations caused by a large number of products to paint rework.

Abroad is used in electrophoretic paint, water soluble paint groove of the workpiece, the cathode, the voltage is applied and the time, will be in the spring of all formed on the surface of paint layer of uniform thickness, and then cleaning and drying can. The appearance of clean, no particles, no threadbare phenomenon, is not easy to fall off the binding force, good hardness is 3 4H, if the use of the British company LVH polyurethane cathodic electrophoretic paint, the softness is quite good. The operating environment without solvent strong flavor, the less air pollution, emissions from wastewater treatment process is simple, as long as the adjustment of PH sedimentation electrophoretic paint resin, and then discharged water.

Shot peening particles caught in the gap in the ends of a spring.

Shot peening resulted in rough surface paint layer also should be thickened, is bright and smooth appearance, with 10 20 micron thickness, and this leads to spring retractable thickness.

Phosphate can cause hydrogen embrittlement, reduce the service life of spring.

Light decoration (whole) process is the spring directly into the light decoration machine inclined centrifugal or spiral vibration type, eddy current type series, and adding grinding material, grinding agent and water amount, finishing and processing. Surface finishing after shot peening surface more smooth than.

And reduce the traditional process such as degreasing, cleaning, pickling, phosphating, to hydrogen, the production process is simplified, the spring in the corrosion production process less opportunity, without pickling. In the surface paint thickness can be controlled at 10 microns.

But minus the shot peening process may make the spring itself strength is reduced, preferably according to different spring specifications, such as the gap size, select the appropriate size of the diameter of steel shot, steel shot to avoid clamping spring gap.

The paint layer unqualified removing method:

At present, some factories use oil burning paint layer, and then shot peening cleaning surface, but the operation process to build pollution is quite large, and the fire prone to manual operation in the process of.

With concentrated sulfuric acid carbonized paint layer, but the acid itself can cause hydrogen embrittlement, not suitable for spring.
Replica Louis Vuitton Handbags