Responding to your comments

Responding to your comments

Hotline reader/responder bob plans to Jon’s picks to roughly see how they would have done in the ESPN tournament challenge. me save you the trouble, bob: My picks stink!

I picked a handful of upsets in the first weekend, always do.

This year, I went with Davidson to beat Maryland (love the Colonial), ODU to beat Butler (didn like hiw Butler played down the stretch, and love the Colonial), and a few others.

And there were no upsets at least no big ones.

No. 11 VCU over No. 6 Duke is a moderate upset, and No. 11 Winthrop over No. 6 Notre Dame isn an upset at all. Both teams should have been in the No. 8 10 seed range.

This is the first time in seven years that no 12 15 seeds won a game. Not a single game.

That means: 1) the committee did a good job seeding the teams, 2) that the first round was boring 3) that the second round and Sweet 16 will be exciting, and 4) that I will finish last in the office pool.

Onto your comments Hotline newcomers: I have included the name of the original blog and your name and comment (or a portion or it). And I’ve taken the liberty of cleaning up spelling and grammar when possible; we’re not out to embarrass anyone.

Stanford NCAA tournament hopes: Going Hopper: Every year at the Pac 10 Tournament, USC has this unfair advantage over all the other teams. This tournament used to move around to try to create more fairness. Now, it’s “Advantage USC” every year. Why? Who’s paying?

My thought: Fox is paying. A lot. And the schools need the money.

Cal, Santa Clara and the NIT:

Just Win: Why NC State (lower RPI) and Utah State (SCU beat them) over SCU?

My thought: In the end, the NIT is about ticket sales. State would be a decent draw understandable given its run through the ACC and that Utah State was more deserving. If USU had multiple advantages over SCU in the selection criteria, then the Broncos two point win at home three months ago wouldn change that. I would imagine USU vs. SCU was close.

The committee speaks: Quickie thoughts

jimmy: Last but not least how surprised were you that Santa Clara got snubbed by the NIT? The West Coast got absolutely no NIT love as Washington did not even make it. That’s just dumb.

My thought: Not surprised once all the upsets happened during Championship Week. I counted nine teams in the NIT that would not have been there if the conference tournaments had gone according to form. Then subtract eight spots from the old NIT format, and there are 17 fewer spots.

So you don like the No. 1s I was very close to making Oregon my Midwest regional champ. What do you think?

My thought: Tough to see anyone beating Florida, but it also not outlandish and you look brilliant if it happened. I not sure the Ducks are built for the NCAAs, given that they rely on three pointers and don have much up front. That leaves them with very little margin for error. One bad shooting game, ans they are toast.

Jimmy Hillman: Great info. Not to be a geek . . . but George Mason was the second double digit seed to advance to the Final 4. I cannot forget the 1986 LSU team coached by Dale Brown and that high energy defense. LSU was also a 11 seed that year.

My thought: Yes, of course. How could I have forgotten Ricky Blanton and Co.? Thanks for the catch.

Will Ryan Anderson and Brook Lopez turn pro I wonder Jon, do you make this stuff up, or do you just have never ending hope that all Cal sports will fall off the map. Funny as it is, college sports provide you and your collegues a good amount of your material, without which you wouldn’t have a job. Perhaps you should talk to the people involved, instead of your “dream up journalism”.

My thought: Actually, Richard, it neither. I don hope that Cal sports will fall of the map and I don make the stuff up. In fact, the item on Anderson and Lopez came from an NBA scout. The item was not presented as fact, merely informed speculation.

gobalers: Brook and Robin Lopez are nice kids. But, c’mon, after polishing their marching band shoes before a junior high band review, it’s hard to imagine either one of them in the NBA.

My thought: Brook a lock to be a top 10 pick if he coems out, in my opinion, and I think there a 60 40 chance he will. NBA teams love big guys with skills, because there are so few of them. Robin has more work to do but would still be a first rounder. to get something in a column), such as his article on the possibility of Cal winning a bunch of games at the end of the season and making the NCAA’s. This article falls into the latter category.

My thought: Sure, sometimes I write about things that interest me, even if there isn behind them. The key thing is the presentation, so I don mislead anyone. If I speculating/musing, I say it. If I writing news/fact, I say it.

Hoss: Can you tell us any more about Justin Graham and Chris Oakes at SJSU? It sounds sad, but 10 wins next year would be a step on the right direction.

My thought: Graham is a freshman who redshirted this past season. He from Ripon and is very fast and good with the ball a pass first point guard who can get into the lane. Oakes was recruited by Pac 10 schools before signing with Pepperdine. He give the Spartans an interior presence. He is not as long as Menelik Barbary, but he should be more consistent.

Mattman: I just don’t quite get how any of those guys have a better resume than Davey. Perhaps the Santa Clara provost can enlighten us since he seems to be the one making decisions in Broncoland.
Responding to your comments