Monitoring Your Pet’s Weight

Monitoring Your Pet’s Weight


It is important to monitor your pet’s weight, especially since many of us see our pets day to day and don’t notice weight changes unless they are drastic. Using pet scales is the best way to monitor your pet’s health, and there are a variety of pet scales on the market.

Seca Pet Scales offer both mechanical and digital pet scales at affordable prices. The Seca 345 has a unique folding feature for the on the go user. The Pet Scale Model 725 is one of Seca’s most durable and versatile pet scales. The Model 727 by Seca includes useful features such as hold and tare for better accuracy. Seca’s top of the line Pet Scale 728 PC has incorporated a proprietary damping system to factor out variations caused by movement; revealing the animal’s true weight every time. This is especially handy, because many animals are fidgety when put on a pet scale. The last of the medium size pet scales is the Model 334. This pet scale offers a much larger weighing platform and a carrying handle for added convenience, and is a popular choice in the world of pet scales.

The Seca Pet Scale Digital Model 334 offers maximum safety and accuracy when weighing animals. Although the Seca 334 pet scale’s weighing tray is much larger and more comfortable than trays of other scales, it requires amazingly little space. The large, clear liquid crystal display and practical handle make daily weigh ins easy. The Seca 232 ruler, an option offered with every Seca digital pet scale, measures animals easily from fourteen to thirty two inches. The Seca Pet Scale 334 is a good choice that is also affordable.

Detecto and Health o Meter also make a wide variety of pet scales with digital displays and weight lock in features for fidgety animals. Scales Info is affiliated with Business Plans by Growthink.

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The Benefits of Digital Scales

There are many digital scales that are accurate to help you weigh in perfectly. Most other scales only use only one load sensor with a mechanical leveler. It’s easy to use a digital scale to weigh yourself, and the results are even easier to read.

The Growing Market for Scales

Although many people prefer not to step on them, there is still a large market out there for scales to monitor weight. From the medical scales at the doctor’s office, to the digital scale in your bathroom, there are a wide variety of weight scales available.

A Look at Body Fat Scales

Today’s scales do more than read a person’s body weight. They can measure the amount of fat on one’s body. There are specific body fat scales that do just that, and they’re becoming a growing trend in the fitness and weight management industries.
Monitoring Your Pet's Weight