Murderers in 1983 brutal Pinellas Park murder denied parole

Murderers in 1983 brutal Pinellas Park murder denied parole

Back in the 1980s, Penny Faulkner was stabbed nearly 20 times, burned and dumped in a field by now adult convicted killers David Croft and Jeffrey Murphy.

Croft and Murphy were teens when they killed their 17 year old classmate in 1983. On Wednesday, the two adults were back in court to face a parole board.

“We seek justice for Penny not revenge,” John Faulkner told the board. “We ask you please remember that Penny begged for her life, and Murphy and Croft said no. We ask you to say no [to their release] today.”

Her brothers didn’t want sympathy for their sister’s killer, but a prison minister did for at least one of the men. Minister Vinnie Ammirato asked the parole board to give Croft a second chance.

“I’m asking you to have mercy on David,” Ammirato told the board. “Give him a chance, and if he messes up, I won’t be here no more, because I really believe in this man 100 percent.”

Penny’s family reminded the board their sister didn’t get a second chance.

“We live with this nightmare in our lives everyday, wondering what her husband would be like her children or just imagine the person she would be,” Penny’s brother, Rob, said.

After weighing the testimony of each person at the hearing, the board denied parole for both the men.

It was an emotional relief for Penny’s family.

‘We feel like justice is continuing to be served,” Rob Faulkner said. “While it’s never going to be easy for us, we’re going to live with this for the rest of our lives. The impact that those two men chose to have on our family is something we’re going to live with everyday. We’re thankful we have a justice system that has made the decision to keep them behind bars.”

Croft and Murphy could be up for parole again in 2018.

The board stated it denied parole for the murderers based on the brutality of their murder, the vulnerability of the victim and the high risk the men still pose to the public.
Murderers in 1983 brutal Pinellas Park murder denied parole