Former ICBC executive Nick Geer

Former ICBC executive Nick Geer

The couple had been on their way to Loreto Bay, which family members said was their favourite place. “We will continue to pray for your mother’s full recovery,” said one note. “And we will always cherish the many good times we had with your dad.”

Sam and her siblings, Jilly and Noel, issued a statement about their father. They said that he believed “the easiest way to eat an elephant is one bite at a time.”

“This was his philosophy,” they said. “He approached a problem not as a problem but as an opportunity.”

The children said he strove to create a legacy “through his work in the community and love for his country, family and friends.”

His community involvement earned him a Queen’s Golden Jubilee Medal in 2003.

The family will carry special memories, the children said.

“Dad will always be remembered as a kind grandpa, a loving father, a caring partner and a true friend to so many,” they said. “The world won’t be the same without him.

“Your memory will always guide us and be our north star, and we love you forever, dad.”

Geer was born in London, England, and made his way to Vancouver in 1967. He worked at a number of accounting firms around Vancouver, then served as vice chairman of the Pattison Group from 1980 to 1999 before working at ICBC from 2001 to 2004.

He was chairman and a co founder of Collingwood School, an independent grade school in West Vancouver, and more recently was chairman of the board for NAV Canada, which owns and runs the country’s civil air navigation system. Liberal backbenchers.

He told them he arrived at the corporation to find “a fleet of vehicles that would choke a horse.”

He said there were more than 900 company vehicles at one point, a number that was pared down to 87. Both pool vehicles and executive cars were affected.

The number of employees also dropped, and 270,000 square feet of corporation space was eliminated. For management, individual performance plans meant “if the company does well and the individual does well, their pay will go up,” Geer said.

When the Probus Club of North Shore Vancouver welcomed Geer as a guest speaker, it noted that he had changed ICBC’s bottom line from a $250 million loss in 2001 to a $389 million profit by 2004.
Former ICBC executive Nick Geer

Former Cowboys WR Lucky Whitehead is wrong man linked to shoplifting at Va

Former Cowboys WR Lucky Whitehead is wrong man linked to shoplifting at Va

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Home Sweet HomeGreen ThumbCoaching With KerryEye on KidsMarket Basket MinuteMoms FirstEye on HealthPetsSick ObituariesMr. Food RecipesSenior Living

RadarClosings DelaysSketch the SkyMorning Drive Forecast7 Day ForecastFirst Alert Weather CamerasWeather AppWeather Maps

Notre Dame SportsPigskin PreviewCubsFriday Night Football FeverBURGER KING Outstanding Student AthleteHigh School Sports

Home Sweet HomeGreen ThumbCoaching With KerryEye on KidsMarket Basket MinuteMoms FirstEye on HealthPetsSick ObituariesMr. Food RecipesSenior Living
Former Cowboys WR Lucky Whitehead is wrong man linked to shoplifting at Va

Former Classmate Charged With Murder in O

Former Classmate Charged With Murder in O

The former classmate suspected of killing 19 year old Blaze Bernstein, whose body was found in a shallow grave in Borrego Park a week after he was reported missing by his parents, was charged with murder and ordered to remain in jail without bail Wednesday.

Samuel Woodward, who has been charged with murder in the death of Blaze Bernstein, is seen during a court appearance on Jan. 17, 2018. (Credit: KTLA)

DNA evidence found at the crime scene and in the suspect’s parked vehicle led police to arrest Samuel Lincoln Woodward on suspicion of murder on Jan. 12 in connection with Bernstein’s death. He will be arraigned on Feb. 2, after a judge approved his request to postpone the arraignment from Wednesday. Might Be a Hate Crime, Parents Say as New Details Emerge

Woodward, who is 185 pounds, allegedly stabbed Bernstein, who was 135 pounds, multiple times before burying his body in the dirt perimeter of Borrego Park, the DA’s office stated in a news release.

Bernstein, a pre med student at the University of Pennsylvania, was visiting his parents in Lake Forest for winter break when he left home Jan. 2 and went to Borrego Park with Woodward, who had previously attended the Orange County High School of the Arts in Santa Ana with Bernstein.

Samuel Woodward is shown in a booking photo released by the Orange County Sheriff’s Department on Jan. 12, 2018.

Woodward later told investigators Bernstein went into the park and did not return. Bernstein was reported missing by his parents the next day.

Bernstein’s body was found Jan. Investigators believe Woodward also attempted to clean up his car and acted in a manner which would avoid leaving his DNA for law enforcement.

If convicted,
Former Classmate Charged With Murder in O
Woodward faces 26 years to life in state prison, the DA’s office stated. He was expected to be arraigned Wednesday afternoon.

Bernstein’s father responded Tuesday to recent reports that included details of their son’s death.

“We are saddened to hear, on the day we laid our son to rest, that gruesome details of the cause of his death were published,” Gideon Bernstein wrote on the “Help Us Remember Blaze Bernstein” Facebook page.

Blaze Bernstein is seen in a photo released by the Orange County Sheriff’s Department.

On Monday, the Orange County Register reported Blaze Bernstein had been stabbed more than 20 times, citing an affidavit. The report also revealed that Woodward told investigators that Blaze Bernstein had kissed him on the lips, prompting Woodward to push him away.

“This is real life, this is not a movie,” his father, Gideon Bernstein, said. “We’re going through things that no one would have ever want to experience.”

“And we’re trying to make the best of it as we go along,” he said.

“There is still much discovery to be done and if it is determined that this was a hate crime, we will cry not only for our son, but for LGBTQ people everywhere that live in fear or who have been victims of hate crime,” the post read.

The family stated it is time to set aside “fear, ignorance and judgement,
Former Classmate Charged With Murder in O
” and to “Be good. Do good and honor Blaze’s memory.”

Former Birkin buyer tells of years spent bagging the elusive Hermes purse

Former Birkin buyer tells of years spent bagging the elusive Hermes purse

The animated and charming man who gingerly picks at his club sandwich at the Taj Boston appears to be an ordinary albeit a spectacularly attired diner. But Michael Tonello once enjoyed a power that few in the world could match. For nearly 10 years he supplied some of the world’s wealthiest women with one of the most in demand and expensive purses on the planet: the Herm Birkin bag.

The pricey status bag known as the Birkin starts at $7,500 and is sold in limited numbers, much to the chagrin of wealthy style mavens and their over extended sisters around the world. The bag is often seen adorning the arm of celebrities such as Victoria Beckham, Oprah Winfrey, Katie Holmes, Sofia Coppola, and Nicole Richie. Designed by breathy French singer Jane Birkin and Herm president Jean Louis Dumas Herm in the mid 1980s, the oversize purse has enjoyed a 20 plus year run as an almost unobtainable cult fashion phenomenon.

“Mystical is a good word to describe them,” says Tonello, a Massachusetts native whose new book, “Bringing Home the Birkin,” hits bookstores Tuesday. In it, he details his years spent chasing down Birkins all over the world for wealthy clients. “Most people have never seen the bags in person. It’s this magical, unobtainable piece of luxury that women dream of owning. When I bring a Birkin to an event, women go crazy over it. It gets more attention than a newborn baby.”

From his home base in Barcelona, Tonello obtained Birkins and then resold them on eBay to women who had no interest in waiting two years for one of the handmade bags, and who didn’t mind dropping a few thousand extra to get the purses into their well manicured hands a bit more quickly. While the bags start in the four figures, Birkins sell for up to $150,000 (that’s for the ultra rare crocodile and diamond Birkin).

In his book, Tonello, 49, an Osterville native, reveals how he cracked the code for jumping the waiting list to purchase Birkins whenever he pleased. Naturally, this code has something to do with large amounts of cash. When Tonello first attempted to purchase a Birkin at Herm he was told that the store had none available. But when he later visited a store and spent thousands on Herm merchandise such as scarves and jewelry, he found that stores would suddenly have the coveted Birkins in stock.

“I have seen this on more than one occasion,” he explains. “Someone walks into Herm asks for a Birkin, and is told ‘I’m sorry. We don’t have any. There’s a two year waiting list.’ Meanwhile, there is someone else in the store buying a dress, a blouse, or a pair of shoes and a wristwatch. They are pulled aside by a salesperson and told ‘A client ordered a Birkin bag two years ago, and her bag has come in. She chose not to buy the bag. Would you be interested in seeing it?’ Of course that woman is going to say yes. My book basically proves the waiting list is bogus.”

This was the situation that Tonello says he found himself in repeatedly as he traveled the world visiting more than 100 Herm stores to stock up on Birkins for his clients. He bought them for everyone from celebrities to high powered executives, he says. He followed the formula buying Herm merchandise while dressed like deposed royalty and was then offered the opportunity to buy Birkins, which he always did. He found there was an unending appetite for the bags from his eBay clients. In one year, Tonello spent more than $1 million at Herm He declined to say how much he made from his eBay business,
Former Birkin buyer tells of years spent bagging the elusive Hermes purse
but added with a smile, “I made enough to buy this $5,400 Thom Browne suit I’m wearing.”

Tonello’s arrival into the high powered and profitable world of Birkin buying was completely by accident. After growing up on the Cape, he entered the fast paced world of makeup, working at Chanel and Christian Dior. In the 1980s, he was one of the founders of Team, an agency that represents hair and makeup artists and stylists.

But after falling in love with Barcelona, Tonello moved there in 1999, and learned that he could make a living by reselling luxury goods on eBay. He is a natural storyteller, and over the course of a two hour lunch at Taj, he tells of his adventures with teases such as, “Do you want to hear a really juicy story about counterfeit Birkins? Buckle up, you’re going to love this one.”

A spokeswoman for Herm said there is no system or trick for purchasing a Birkin. She said it’s simply a matter of forming a relationship with the store and working with an associate to track down one of the bags when they become available. Because the bags are handmade, she said there are limited numbers available. A single Birkin depending on the material can take up to a week to complete.

“There was a waiting list at one time,” says Bernice Kwok Gabel. “But we realized the whole concept of a waiting list may be off putting for some customers.”

But those who own the bags don’t mind the effort involved in obtaining them. Ashley Bernon, a Boston real estate agent and fan of Herm selflessly handed over her Birkin after her mother lost her wardrobe when she was evacuated from New Orleans during Hurricane Katrina. The power of the Birkin is so strong that even in her yoga clothes, Bernon’s mother receives admiring looks from strangers when toting it.

“It’s a statement piece,” says Bernon, who plans to buy another Birkin herself. “It’s really timeless, which means you can carry it no matter what you’re wearing.”

It is a status bag that says “I have the discretionary income to spend thousands on a purse,” but why is the Birkin coveted by so many? Cameron Silver, owner of the posh Los Angeles secondhand boutique Decades, raves about the quality of the bag. He seeks out Birkins to sell in his store, and marvels at the fact that the bags are still produced with the same saddle stitch that the company developed in the 1800s.

“It’s the ultimate handcrafted handbag that’s free of logos,” he says. “But it’s identifiable to those in the know. It’s the antithesis of an ‘it’ bag, and that’s why I think it’s remained sought after for so long. It’s not susceptible to trends the way a lot of handbags are.”

Mica Bonner, a Herm scarf collector in New York who runs a Yahoo chat group on Herm sums it up a bit more succinctly.

“I think there’s a love of Herm particularly the Birkin, because it’s a case of people wanting what they can’t have,” she says.

Tonello’s book is part “Talented Mr. Ripley,” and part “Three Weeks to eBay Profits.” The movie rights to “Birkin” were recently sold, and Tonello is now working on a children’s book that focuses on cats as opposed to handbags.

One thing about Tonello’s career path is clear: He cannot go back into the business of reselling Birkins.

“I got an e mail from a client last year asking if I could get her a white Birkin or a Kelly bag,” he says, referring to Herm other coveted bag. “This was after news of my book first appeared. I was going to use the formula. So I picked up a few beach towels and then I asked about a white Kelly bag that was on display. The salesman said to me ‘I’m sorry Mr. Tonello, that bag is reserved. In fact,
Former Birkin buyer tells of years spent bagging the elusive Hermes purse
every bag in the store is reserved.’

Former Bannock County Insurance Agent sentenced for misappropriating client premiums

Former Bannock County Insurance Agent sentenced for misappropriating client premiums

POCATELLO, Idaho (KIFI/KIDK) Sixth District Judge Stephen Dunn sentenced a 38 year old Pocatello man for misappropriating client premiums on Monday.

Judge Dunn granted Alan C. Rzeszutko a withheld judgment and placed him on probation for four years.

The judge ordered Rzeszutko to pay $6,
Former Bannock County Insurance Agent sentenced for misappropriating client premiums
201 in restitution to Farmers Insurance, and $1,
Former Bannock County Insurance Agent sentenced for misappropriating client premiums
043 to the Idaho Department of Insurance. He must also pay a fine of $750 and court costs of $245.

The court also ordered 120 days of discretionary jail time to be utilized by a probation officer.

An investigation revealed Rzeszutko began diverting customers premium payments to his personal accounts while he working as an insurance agent for Farmers Insurance in Pocatello. He also took steps to make sure clients were not receiving late notices on their accounts officials said.

Rzeszutko admitted his actions to investigators and pleaded guilty in October. He was charged with one count of Diversion or Misappropriation of Fiduciary Funds.

Former Arizona Sheriff Joe Arpaio’s event in Spokane canceled after community backlash

Former Arizona Sheriff Joe Arpaio’s event in Spokane canceled after community backlash

Arpaio informally announced what he thought would be his March 10 appearance in Spokane by tweeting Sunday evening. Within 24 hours the event was canceled.

The nonprofit organization Gr8ter Veterans which had organized the engagement announced Monday evening it was canceling the event and ending all affiliation with Arpaio.

“We have decided that Sheriff Joe does not best reflect views of our organization,” said Nick Richardson, founder of the Gr8ter Veterans organization. “We do not want to divide the veterans’ community, the local community, or any community for that matter.”

Arpaio, who is known for his tough stance on illegal immigration, was sheriff for more than 24 years before he was defeated in 2016. President Donald Trump last year pardoned Arpaio of criminal contempt after he was found guilty of disobeying a judge’s order in a racial profiling case. Senate seat in Arizona.

In Spokane tickets to see Arpaio had been advertised for sale for between $60 and $900; however, as of Monday evening, no tickets had been sold, Richardson said.

Richardson an Army veteran founded the organization in 2016 and said he is raising funds to build a recreation center for veterans.

Richardson said the organization was approached by a mutual contact about working with Arpaio, but after receiving emails and reading comments on the Gr8ter Veterans Facebook page, he decided the event isn’t the best reflection upon the organization.

“Our decision to step back was made so we can remain more apolitical,” he said.

Richardson said he is not against immigration as a whole. But by holding the event, he said, people could misjudge the organization.

“I do not want to divide this nation. I was taught in the Army there’s only one color that matters and that’s camouflage,” he said. “We shouldn’t judge each other on political party affiliation and I don’t feel like this event would unite this community or the country.”
Former Arizona Sheriff Joe Arpaio's event in Spokane canceled after community backlash

Forex Articles

Forex Articles

In simplest terms Forex can be as simple as you would want it to be. Managed Forex is an area of that’s continuing to grow.

Next we have a short lesson on compounding and how you can get rich on just 20 pips profit per day. Compounding is the only way to make serious money in the forex market so you won’t want to miss this. See you then!Types of and Strategies

The foreign exchange market, or forex, being the largest financial market in the World has been the domain of government central banks as well as for commercial and investment banks.

Understanding the System

The forex trading system involves buying and selling foreign currency. Unlike the stock market there is no fixed market for the forex trading system. A good and effective forex trading system allows the traders to transact easily and provide more chances to increase the earnings.

5 Things You Must Do To Attain Financial Freedom Through

With the amazing growth of the forex market, you are going to see an amazing amount of traders lose all their money. Unfortunately, they haven followed the simple steps I have laid out for you.

Finding a Forex Broker

Foreign exchange is the largest financial market and everyday new investors plan to jump in when they learn of the benefits, that is, high returns on investment which is as high as 20 per month a month. However, inexperience and over enthusiasm can only do bad and bring in losses so, you need an

An Overview Of

Forex, is an exchange that allows investors to trade national currencies through the foreign exchange

Sound familiar? Well, it should. Every time you read about a managed fund, or FOREX trading system, this is exactly what your are buying into.
Forex Articles

Foreign workers not from Mexico would pay for barrier

Foreign workers not from Mexico would pay for barrier

Reps. Kevin Yoder, R Kan., and Tulsi Gabbard, D Hawaii, have shared details of their plan,
Foreign workers not from Mexico would pay for barrier
which would include the fees for green cards deal for tech workers, with the White House and Republican leaders. They’re now collecting signatures on a letter obtained by McClatchy to Senate and House leaders that outlines the proposal. Yoder told McClatchy they’re leaving what type of border security measures the funding would provide up to the negotiating teams, but said the goal is to help the negotiators reach a deal that would protect the Dreamers, but not leave out H 1B holders.

Yoder said he met with White House Chief of Staff John Kelly and Legislative Director Marc Short last month about the legislation and since then has shared more details about security funding. He’s also met with House Speaker Paul Ryan, House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy and House Majority Whip Steve Scalise to discuss the proposal. But he said the response has largely been that they’re interested in the proposal but fear it will only complicate an already difficult negotiation process by adding new elements.
Foreign workers not from Mexico would pay for barrier

force winds cause damage in southern Nunavut island

force winds cause damage in southern Nunavut island

Environment Canada is forecasting wind gusts of up to 90 km/h in Iqaluit during the afternoon, with snowfall continuing until noon, Nov. 1, due to a large low pressure system making its way across the eastern seaboard of the United States and into Canada. (ENVIRONMENT CANADA MAP)

Wind gusts caused extensive damage in Sanikiluaq overnight Oct. 30 including to metal roofs, above. (PHOTOS BY ALLAN RUMBOLT)

As parts of Nunavut get ready to celebrate Halloween under blizzard warnings, some communities are reporting the first signs of damage with recorded wind gust speeds approaching hurricane level strengths.

Hudson Bay MLA Allan Rumbolt, who won a new term as his constituency representative in the territorial election Oct. 30, told Nunatsiaq News that overnight wind speeds on Oct. 30 in Sanikiluaq remained constant at about 100 kilometres per hour, causing damage to buildings around the Belcher Island community.

Reached at his home on Oct. 30 to find out how it felt to be re elected, Rumbolt told Nunatsiaq News he was hunkering down for a stormy night, but periodically checking his boat outside,
force winds cause damage in southern Nunavut island
make sure it hasn blown away. wind gusts maxed out at around 140 km/h, Rumbolt said.

That means wind gusts reached strengths comparable to a hurricane, according to the Saffir Simpson Hurricane Wind Scale, which classifies category one hurricane wind speeds as between 119 km/hr and 153 km/h.

Photos he provided to Nunatsiaq News show metal roofs peeled back on buildings in Sanikiluaq and steel staircases ripped from homes.

According to data collected by Environment Canada, wind gusts have held steady at 100 km/h or higher on the Belcher Islands since midnight, Oct. 30.

Elsewhere in Nunavut, the Baffin Island communities of Cape Dorset, Kimmirut, Iqaluit, Pangnirtung and Qikiqtarjuaq have all been placed under wind, snow or blizzard warnings.
force winds cause damage in southern Nunavut island

Food and Music Fest hard to digest at Shoreline

Food and Music Fest hard to digest at Shoreline

My family and I had such high hopes for The Great American Food and Music Fest at Shoreline today.

But when we arrived at Shoreline Amphitheatre we found thousands of people standing in aimless lines and never managed to get within 300 or 400 people of actually being served something.

We saw thousands and thousands of people there, and don think we saw more than 30 people, tops, holding actual plates of food in their hands. I sure more people than that were served, but we didn see them.

Here are words we heard, more than once, from people in the crowds: mess were lines everywhere, with no way of knowing where they would end. At a place where we actually saw people walking away with hamburgers (that smelled really good), we thought we found the end of the line, only to be told by someone in a Shoreline shirt that it was the head of the line. end of the line, he said, pointing vaguely in a direction maybe 50 yards and 400 or 500 people away, somewhere over there. saw signs for the Anchor Bar (Buffalo wings) and Katz Deli (pastrami) and stood in line for close to an hour, noting that the only time we moved forward was when people in front of us gave up and walked away. We got far enough to learn that once the line reached a certain point it was no long a line, but just a mob of people milling around, with no actual access to the food vendors that we could see.

People did get wings there, we know, because out of the hundreds of people in that area, we saw two actual plates of wings held by people trying to get safely through the ravenous crowd.

But we never got close enough to get any ourselves.

We spent almost three hours at Shoreline, walking around, trying to find navigable lines, and finally gave up.

We left and went to the Poor House Bistro in San Jose to enjoy some New Orleans cuisine in honor of the old New Orleans by the Bay events that used to be held at Shoreline. Those events had, perhaps, fewer food vendors, but a lot more music, and were significantly better organized.

A modicum of crowd control, or some posts and ropes, would have helped quite a bit at The American Food and Music Fest on Saturday. It a good idea, which is proved by the fact that so many people were there. But I doubt many who attended will go to another, unless the organizers demonstrate ahead of time that they will do a better job the next time they try this thing.

The Great American Food and Music Fest at Shoreline Amphitheatre on Saturday, June 13, 2009. Documentary proof that some people, at least, were able to get actual food at the event.

Yes, it was a cluster fest, and my wife and I were also ready to cut and run after enduring the pastrami line for an hour, only to be told that they had run out of pastrami and it would be another hour and a half before more would be available.

On our way out, we passed the BurgerMeister hamburger vendor, and we stopped and spoke with a woman who was eating a hamburger who told us that, while the line was long it was actually moving pretty quick. We decided to give it a try, and the folks at BurgerMeister were running their booth like a precision drill team they had commandiered the grill in the building next door (which was selling cheesecake and ice cream and had no need for the grill) and were cranking out burgers at record speed. The staff was friendly and helpful, and the burgers were excellent. Once full,
Food and Music Fest hard to digest at Shoreline
we were able to relax and enjoy the music.

Unfortunately, we never were able to try any of the food we had been looking forward to the pastrami, the cheesecake, the Texas brisket (which we were told by one of the workers at the booth was likely to have been locally purchased meat, which kind of defeats the purpose). I did enjoy the bacon sampler plates at one booth, though (Lord, I love my bacon!) so it wasn a total loss.

I will think twice before attending another such event in the future. I also miss those New Orleans By The Bay festivals, they were properly organized, and it was also one of the few places to get good crawdads.

It was a very long walk from where we had to park until we got to the gates of the festival little signage to know which line we should be in. When I saw a very long line out front, I went over to get in it and then was told that was the line for refunds. I asked why there were so many in line and was told, the food was not ready when they opened. Well, it was 3pm so we figured they had the food by then We walked in no signage to know what was what or what to do next. The lines were about 500 people long. We waiting for cheesecake only to be told it was sold out. We then thought we would try a Smores, it was sold out also. Still with my free food ticket in hand, I thought I would just have a bottle water $5.00!!!

We finally ate, after waiting in line for one and one half hours and the food wasn even worth it small portions, nothing special!!!

With all of the waiting in lines, we missed the music and the cooking demo and the chef sightings very disappointing afternoon!!!

I agree. My friends and I waited 3+ hours in line to get Texas BBQ. We were all starving and figured out that it would take forever to get BBQ, so I left the line (they saved my place) while I waited in yet another line for ice cream and cheesecake for the entire group. I waited in that line for an hour, talking with other frustrated people who told me that wristband system set up to do cashless transactions (which was the method they were trying to use) broke. When we finally made it close to the front of the BBQ line, we all noticed people creating their own lines to get into the BBQ. In fact a number of people who picked up their BBQ were yelling that other people got BBQ in less than 20 minutes by getting into those lines.

The only place that had a relatively line was for the burgers (1 hour).

Pink Hot Dogs were constantly full, and a ticket got you just ONE skinny hot dog on a bun. I think 3 of those hot dogs would have the equivalent meat of a Costco hot dog, which includes a soft drink.

I had a number of pescatarian friends who ate the salmon on bagels, and they were surprised to get a very small portion for their meal Their choices were either the salmon on bagels, a peanut butter and jelly sandwich, or a couple of pieces of cheese on a slice of a baguette for an entree.

Katz ran out of pastrami by about 3pm, and Anchor Bay were coming out buffalo wings every once in a while (one lady told me her husband called to tell her that the line for buffalo hasn moved in 40 minutes).

This festival was supposed to be where you can get food from around the country, enjoy music, and see celebrity chefs, but it ended up being a festival of madness, so so food and extremely long lines. I barely saw Bobby Flay during the judging of the burger contest and never got the chance to see Guy Fieri because I was fed up by the lack of organization and food (due to the long lines) and left. Got to hear some bands and get a glance (couldn hear the chef talking) at a food demonstration while I was in line for BBQ.

I sure that they over sold tickets to this event by the sheer number of people waiting in lines. I feel that this was the worst event I have been to at Shoreline.

I believe if they have it next year another location (like the Santa Clara County Fairgrounds) with more vendors, much more counters for each vendor, an organized line system with people watching to ensure line jumpers/cutters would be stopped,
Food and Music Fest hard to digest at Shoreline
it would be a much better event and I would attend.

We actually managed to get some food, but that because the five of us split up and each stood in line for over 2 hours.

We were in the wings/pastrami line/mob for FIVE hours (1:30 6:30). They ran out of pastrami for an hour TWICE, but the line moved so slowly that by the time we got up to the front, they actually had it again. Each order took 5 10 minutes to fulfill, so if there were only 5 people in front of you, you had to wait another HOUR.

Great idea, but needs major improvements in execution. I going to sit out the next one to see how well they do.