China’s richest village Huaxi has it’s own replicas of world famous landmarks

China’s richest village Huaxi has it’s own replicas of world famous landmarks

Huaxi, with its 2,000 official registered inhabitants, has long been recognised as the richest village in China each resident having at least 1.6 million yuan (173, 844) in the bank.

According to , the village has transformed into a haven where every resident is entitled to benefits such as free healthcare, education, a home and cooking oil.

In order to receive these benefits, every resident has to work seven days a week usually in the town’s industrial plant.

Huaxi is home to a huge skyscraper dubbed the Hanging Village of Huaxi.

Reaching 328 metres (1,076ft) into the sky in Huaxi, Jiangsu province, its closest rival is 600 miles away in Beijing and it is 18metres taller than the Shard in Central London.

Despite such a small population, the latest tower to be built there is 52 storeys higher than its closest rival in Huaxi and has enough capacity to fit the entire population of the village.

The skyscraper stands taller than Paris’s Eiffel Tower (324m) and the Chrysler Building (319m) in New York.

It had taken four years for the work to be finished on the 74 storey hotel and residential block at a cost of 3 billion yuan (301m).

Some have compared the building as looking like a trophy because at the top there is a huge sphere made out of glass while others wonder if it is sustainable in such a place as Huaxi.

There are 800 suites in the structure and it can hold around 2,000 people. There is an exhibition hall, a revolving restaurant and rooftop swimming pools and gardens.

Big building for a village: Huaixi has shown off its extravagant side by constructing a giant skyscraper with a five star hotel inside

Architectural replicas have become particularly popular in China in recent years.

French landmarks, such as the Eiffel Tower and Arc de triomphe, are particularly popular for replica makers.

Most recently,
China's richest village Huaxi has it's own replicas of world famous landmarks
a small statuette of Lady Liberty has appeared in Yunnan, south west China, inside a hotel garden.

However, there’s also been an increasing number of replica Chinese landmarks appearing around the country.

They have far fewer visitors than the real tourist sites, giving travellers more opportunities for photographs.

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China's richest village Huaxi has it's own replicas of world famous landmarks
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