Water Sports

Water Sports

Safety, technique and form are important parts of swimming and diving, and our site can help you master these aspects of the sport. Or, if you prefer to water ski, you can search for the best lakes to ski on and where to buy equipment; newcomers to the sport can learn where to go for lessons. Water sports equipment comes in a variety of brands,
Water Sports
choices and types and the wide variety of available options can often be confusing, but through our site you can find resources with tips, tricks and ways to save money when shopping.

For the new or experienced scuba diver, we have links to experts to answer your questions and discussions on current issues in the sport. You can also learn how to get certified and find out about safety issues that you should consider when diving. For those who love to have adventure above the water, wakeboarding and kneeboarding are exciting sports. Finding the best boards and equipment is a snap on our site, as is locating rentals and places to go for a great time. This is also true for those who are into kiteboarding and bodyboarding. Our site has all of the resources you need when it comes to enjoying the water!
Water Sports

wasting Package Hoax for April Fool

wasting Package Hoax for April Fool

The purpose of this Instructable is to describe my April Fool’s prank for my boss this year. My hope is that many of you can benefit from this idea and perhaps expand upon it.

The beauty of this prank is that, if executed properly, the victim will not realize they have been hoaxed for a long while and will be hard pressed to figure who duped them. especially when performed in the faceless environment of an office. Plus, it makes a delightful mess of their work space.

This has been entered into the April Fool’s Contest. If you found this informative then please remember to come back April 3rd and vote.

Step 1: The Plan

This prank does not offer the visceral intensity of say, setting a bucket of water up top a door. It is however, just as immature. Furthermore, this hoax offers the slow burning satisfaction of watching your victim go through their day in complete confusion and allows you the opportunity to bold face lie them into further confusion.

The idea behind the hoax is simple: People love getting packages and would never expect an important looking package to contain nothing. Well, almost nothing.

Above you can see my drawn out plan:

A package absolutely stuffed with styrofoam packing peanuts is made to appear “important” and subsequently placed before your victim for their enjoyment. The box has been selected in such a way that after the victim opens the box, they will be forced to dump the contents into the nearest trashcan toexpedite the recovery of the “precious components”, which of course do not exist. Once they realize that they have missed these precious components, they will be forced to resort to rummaging through the trash like many a transient hobo before them.

After they give up (a few minutes perhaps), the victim may waste additional time by calling the company or sales representative that sent them the package to figure out what exactly is going on. Of course you will have made up said company or sales rep, furthering the confusion.

Meanwhile, you will be plugging away at your workstation like the diligent worker you are, only stopping for the occasional mind chuckle as you picture your colleague hunched over their trash can, elbow deep in styrofoam packing peanuts, sweating like they’re shooting for a 5 o’clock deadline. except that it’s only 10am.

Who do you think the superiors are going to promote for that new opening in management: the dishevelled, smelly, sweating kid who’s workstation is covered in paper bits and styrofoam peanuts? or you, fresh and proper plus, oh look at that. Obviously, any randomly appearing package will be initially met with suspicion effectively hindering the impact of the prank.

One way, I figure, to create importance for your package is to have your victim expect the package using interaction with a contact; a contact that you will invent.

Here I have drafted up a company letter from a sales representative to the victim. Of course everything about this letter is fictitious, as I have made up the company and the sales representative. Notice the mock up of a simple yet effective company letterhead and small details like notes in the footer, which add to theauthenticity. If you are not confident in making up a company, feel free to use an existing company that you know the victim does business with. This option is much more vindictive (see The Prank).

This letter also gives the opportunity to add subtle April Fool’s hints such as:

The company name “APRL” abviously sounds like “April”

The sales rep’s name: Abril Al Awal directly translates to April the First in Arabic.

To further add authenticity, I decided to run the printed out letter a couple times through the office fax machine to make it look as though it was faxed from the (fictitious) company.

Then you just stick it into the victim’s mailbox the night before or at the same time you drop off the package.
wasting Package Hoax for April Fool

VUSBTiny AVR SPI Programmer

VUSBTiny AVR SPI Programmer

Introduction: VUSBTiny AVR SPI Programmer

after making a usbtiny isp programmer and using it for 6 months, i was looking at making another one for carrying around. i like the simplicy of the usbtiny isp design but would like to make it even smaller and take less parts. one thing in the original design that i want to change is to eliminate the use of clock crystal. one solution i found is that v usb drivers supports the 16.5Mhz internal oscillator on attiny25/45/85 devices. so i start out this project to have usbtiny isp employs v usb for usb communication. Of course, it will also work on the ATmega series. The software is written for an AVR clocked at 12 MHz. At this frequency, each bit on the USB bus takes 8 clock cycles,
VUSBTiny AVR SPI Programmer
and with a lot of trickery, it is possible to decode and encode the USB waveforms by software. The USB driver needs approximately 1250 to 1350 bytes of flash space (excluding the optional identification strings), depending on the configuration and compiler version, and 46 bytes RAM (excluding stack space).
VUSBTiny AVR SPI Programmer

Voluntary and Involuntary Termination Part 1

Voluntary and Involuntary Termination Part 1

Basic Facts About Employee Severance Packages

The sample of employee severance package featured in this article provides information on how much is usually offered for each type of benefit and the treatment of term benefits or annuities in cases where they are included.

At this point, readers are reminded that any benefits paid as part of a severance pay package are at the discretion of the employer and may be subject to eligibility requirements and certain specific factors like, but not limited to:

Minimum length of time for rendered services;

The reason for the employees separation, whether for good cause, downsizing, voluntary resignation, or retirement; and

The overall financial condition of the company and its capacity to pay, particularly if the employees involuntary termination is an offshoot of the companys bankruptcy.

Also, the benefits will be awarded only if the employee formally accepts them through a written severance agreement. This document will also serve as the employee’s instrument in claiming or enforcing the payment of said benefits.

The following are examples of applicable provisions contained in the EEOC Compliance Manual of Policies pertaining to manners of paying separation benefits to employees who were involuntarily terminated :

Employers must provide equal severance benefits and opportunities to all departing employees regardless of age or eligibility for pension benefits.

Violations of this provision particularly refer to exclusions of senior employees eligible for retirement in the near future but who lost their jobs just as the younger members of the workforce did.

Retiring employees who were laid off from work prior to their actual retirement should not be excluded from offers of recall or re employment.

The severance pay offer is different from the pension pay that the involuntarily retired employee is bound to receive in the course of his retirement. Severance pay and pension benefits should in no way be made to offset against each other, unless the item for offset qualifies under the EEOC’s exception rules.

Offsets against severance pay are allowed, only if granted in the form of health care benefits or additional pension pay, for employees near their retirement age. This is further subject to the provision that the health care benefits offered are at the least comparable to Medicare benefits in terms of type and value.

It is also important that the employee to whom the offset was offered has accepted said offer in writing.

The value of the offset against the senior employees severance pay shall be in accordance with the values prescribed by the EEOC under Sec. 40. Please click on the image to get a larger view of this provision.

Offsets of long term disability benefits against pension benefits are allowed only if the employees separation is not connected to involuntary terminations or where the employee was not forced to retire in connection with manpower downsizing. Hence, this portion of the separation package is often based on and/or awarded according to number of years of service.

Usually, a minimum length of service is required as eligibility to receive severance pay. The average length of time most employers require is at least one to two years.

The amount of severance pay granted is typically equivalent to one to two weeks’ pay for every year of service rendered.

Please continue to Page 2 for more Sample Severance Package Information.

Unused Leave Credits

Basically, there are no federal requirements for the payment of sick leave and vacation leave credits; hence the employer has the option whether or not to include unused sick leave credits as severance pay. Still, the payment of those credits will depend on the companys policies.

The Family and Medical Leave Act s (FMLA) rules pertain to mandatory paid sick leave credits if the employees reasons fall under any of the conditions specified in the FMLA. These rules refer to usage and their mandatory nature as paid sick leave.

Generally, vacation leaves require one year of service for eligibility and are usually equivalent to 40 hours or one week of paid time away from work.

However, some employers discourage the accumulation of sickness and vacation leaves and instead require their employees to exhaust these leaves yearly; otherwise, a one week paid vacation benefit will be forfeited. Some companies maintain that the benefits of these leaves should be properly utilized as a way of keeping their human resources fit and healthy. This way, problems about long term disability could be minimized if not eliminated. This, of course, should be so stated in the companys policies in order to be enforceable

Companies that require the exhaustion of sick and vacation leave will pay only the current years unused sick and vacation leave credits, in full or prorated, if the resignation, retirement, or separation takes place before the year ends.

Some employers, however, prefer that employees report for work continuously to avoid absenteeism and the hassles of filling vacancies, albeit temporarily. As incentive, unused sick and vacation leaves can be accumulated up to a maximum amount and are commutable to cash upon separation from the company.
Voluntary and Involuntary Termination Part 1

Visual Foxpro 6

Visual Foxpro 6

Visual Foxpro 6 is the computer software package by Microsoft that is geared towards users who need to build database solutions of all sizes. Its data centric, object oriented language offers developers a robust set of tools and features for building database applications for the desktop, client server environments, or the Web. Developers will have the necessary tools to manage data from organizing tables of information, running queries, and creating an integrated relational database management system to programming a fully developed management application for end users.

Visual Foxpro 6 includes structured error handling, CursorAdapter class for universal data access, new auto increment support for data tables, Microsoft Windows XP Themes support and new base classes and controls. It also has new event binding for objects, full hierarchical support, new XML Web service features, and updated OLE DB provider. This all results in improved development productivity, and new and improved compatibility with Microsoft Visual Studio. NET and SQL Server 2000.

There are so many features and highlights to this fantastic computer software program that we can not mention them all here in this guide. We can outline some of the key features of this program for you. Let’s begin.

Structured error handling for better control when an error does occur. Universal data access for unified data access over a server. Windows XP support lets you apply Microsoft Windows XP Themes to Visual Foxpro applications. For more on this software package, or for additional info about Microsoft software, please click the link on this page.
Visual Foxpro 6

Vinyl Cutting for Begginers

Vinyl Cutting for Begginers

The vinyl cutter uses a small knife to precisely cut the outline of a picture into a sheet or piece of vinyl. The knife moves side to side and turns, while the vinyl is moved beneath the knife. What results from the cut process is an image cut into the material. The material is then ‘weeded’ where the excess parts of the picture are removed. It is possible to remove the positive parts, which would give a negative sticker, or you could weed the negative parts, giving a positive sticker. Removing the letters would be like removing the positive, giving a negative image of the word, etc.

Original artwork is better than copied artwork. Try to make your own, or get a friend to help you make something clever and original.

Initially, you will need to create a sticker of a basic design. Your name is a good first sticker. The size should be small, no larger than 3 inches on a side.

Find or make an image that you want to make into a sticker. You can create an image with Open Office Draw, or Gimp.

Open Cut Studio, the software bundled with the cutter.

Import your image. It should show up as a grayed out picture.

Right click on the image, then choose Trace Image Outline

A dialog box will come up, you can adjust the accuracy of the cuts by adjusting the values.

You will see an outline of your image laid on top of the picture.

Click the Move button on the upper right to put the outline in the bottom right of the design area.

Next, delete the picture.

Right click on the picture and choose ‘Properties’

There are three tabs. For size, choose the size that will fit your sample piece of vinyl. The cutter measures in millimeters.

On the left side in the front and back are two LED ‘eyes’. These are infared emitters and receivers which sense the presence of the vinyl. You have to position the vinyl so that it will cover these sensors. You also have to position the pressure rollers over the vinyl to make sure it will be able to handle the material. On the panel above the rollers, there are several white lines. The rollers must be positioned on these white lines or the machine wont run. Make sure the vinyl is running straight, or it may slip out from under the rollers. Flip the pressure lever to make the rollers press down, holding the vinyl between the rollers and the pressure bar.
Vinyl Cutting for Begginers

Venue is Proper Where Defendant Resides in Michigan Divorce Cases

Venue is Proper Where Defendant Resides in Michigan Divorce Cases

One practice that is relatively common in family law cases where married people are residing in separate counties isthat the person filing a complaintfor divorce (theplaintiff) will file the complaint in the county where he or she resides.The case of Funk v Funk, COA 319467, April 2, 2015 (Unpublished) has indicated that this is not appropriate and the courtshould order the filing party to pay attorney fees to the other party if he or she objects to the venue.Jurisdiction is appropriate in Michigan divorce cases where one of the parties has resided in Michigan for at least 180 days. Venue is appropriate in a county where a party has resided for at least ten days prior to the filing of the motion. In the Funkcase,it appears the wife movedout of the marital residence into another county and filed for divorce in the new county.The wife new residence was located in Ingham County while the husband remained in CalhounCounty. Thehusband filed an objection to the venue and the court agreed. It ordered the matter transferred to Ingham County and awarded the husband attorney fees. It found that the statute provides alist of priorities for filing and the firstpriority is where thedefendant has resided for at least ten days. The county where the plaintiff resides is only a proper venue if there is no county in Michigan where the Defendant has resided for at least ten days.TheMichigan Court of Appeals affirmed this ruling. This isan interesting case in thatit is notuncommon for a person to move out of the marital home and into a neighboring county where he or she may perceive that his or her case would receive more preferential treatment. That party then files the complaint for divorce after”residing” in that county for ten days. A speaker presented this fact scenario to the audience without advising the audience of this decision and all but three or four attorneys appeared to agree that venue was proper where the Plaintiff resided (I read the case so I did not agree).In fact,
Venue is Proper Where Defendant Resides in Michigan Divorce Cases
one of the arguments made by the Plaintiff in Funk against the award of attorney fees was that it is common practice to file a complaint for divorce in the county where the plaintiff resides instead of the county where the defendant resides. If the counsel for the defendant fails to do so, then the objection is waived and the case will proceed in the county where the plaintiff filed it. As a side note, it appears that ifone spouse (stationary spouse) is planning to file for divorce and the otherspouse (relocating spouse)moves to another county and resides therefor ten days,it would appear that the stationary spouse would either have to (a) file in the county where the relocating spouse resides; or (b) wait for the relocating spouse to file in thestationary spouse’s county,
Venue is Proper Where Defendant Resides in Michigan Divorce Cases
or (c) argue that the relocating spouse’s county is an inconvenient forum for the divorce proceedings as defined by statute in Michigan.

Vacation Plans Articles

Vacation Plans Articles

Home Travel Leisure Vacation Plans

Everest Base camp Trekking By Vertex ShresthaEverest Base Camp Trekking is on most keen walkers bucket list and everyone who has followed in Hillary s footsteps up to the Khumbu valley and Sherpa . in Kathmandu on twin sharing with breakfast.

Airport transfers and escort.

Equipment clothing for porter staffs.

Insurance for all staff porters.

Langtang Trekking in Nepal By Vertex ShresthaLangtang Trekking in Nepal

The mountain north of Kathmandu offers a great range of trekking choices, all with in a day s drive of the capital. After a . and 3 4 pc passport size photos, travel insurance, travel wallet and credit card. Further documents are we will issues in Nepal like TIMS Card, permits.

Kalinchowk Bhagwati Tour By Vertex ShresthaKalinchowk Bhagwati Tour

Kalinchowk is familiar name among Nepalese community as Hindu visits this holistic place for spiritual satisfaction. Similarly . mountains. Rhododendron forest is popular in this area.

Duke Nepal offers Kalinchowk package at affordable price with the promise of world class service.

Do you need a visa to go to Germany By Maple FlyCertain nationalities need to apply for a German visa or home allow to visit, live, work or concentrate in Germany. Before going by or moving to Germany . 90 days), or for an allow called a title on the off chance that you need to remain for longer than three months or potentially work here.

Top 4 Choices for seniors Who Wants to Travel Alone By Jason WilliamMany seniors may think about traveling after retirement. Seniors who travel alone may like their own company or prefer to travel at their own pace. Traveling . There are many tours ranging from theater lover to literary tours. Tour groups explore fabulous places around Europe which may include Italy or Paris.

31 Best Travel Sites to Save You Money By Stephanie WallaceFeeling too pinched by the ever troubled economy to travel? You can still find good deals to get away if you know where to go online first. Here are . best part: You can redo your picture as many times as you like. Travel Insurance You never know when an emergency situation will spoil your travel plans.

Experience Wildlife Safari with India Tiger Tours By Ella MoxonTake a virtual tour to the most exciting wildlife safaris of India. It s high time now, to throw away your stress, and plan a weekend with your friends . Rhinos, you can have a look at the other beautiful wildlife such as Elephants, Bears, Panthers and various pretty birds also in the Kaziranga National Park.

Stag do activities in Budapest By Zoe MolnarDubbed one of the most happening places in Europe and the world,
Vacation Plans Articles
Budapest has some of the wildest events, gorgeous females, delectable cuisine and an exhilarating . so many interesting and intriguing events happening on a regular pace, the experience and memories made in Budapest is something that will last forever.

India And Its Indianness! By Guru KaranamWatch out people if you are traveling to India for the first time because you will be blown with the cultural richness of this country. But stepping in . place where you have so many surprises bombarding every day and it just becomes a daily routine for you to hear and see new things. Just get used to them.

4 Money Mistakes To Avoid While Travelling By Scott CohenTravelling the world should be an eye opening and stress releasing experience, not an anxiety inducing one. Unfortunately, many of us often stumble into . fees and avoid airport exchange rates like the plague. Always carry some backup cash and be aware of your surroundings and most importantly: have fun!

Planning The Most Adventurous Sri Lanka Romantic Holiday Packages By Jerome JulianElement Of Adventure Honeymoon Itinerary

Deciding on travelling to the exotic little island Sri Lanka for your honeymoon is one of the best decisions . holiday together. This site is an extremely popular diving location and is ideal for couples who would like to explore the depths of the mighty ocean.

Annapurna Base Camp Trek By Ram PandeyAnnapurna base camp is recognized as one of the world s best trekking destination, it is a stunning trek in the heart of the Annapurna range. The trail . follow along the banks of Modi River until you arrive at the outskirts of Pokhara. After a relaxing night in Pokhara, your road turns east to Kathmandu.

Westgate Vacation Villas Resort Spa By John JenneyWestgate Vacation Villas Resort Spa

Located just 1 mile from Walt Disney World Resort, Westgate Vacation Villas Resort Spa offers vacations at . vacation experience. In conclusion owners and guests enjoy this resort as there are 2 other resorts on the property giving you lots more to do at no cost.

True Flavour of Thailand For Families At the Dhara Dhevi by Bacall Associates Travel Singapore By Victoria PrattenThe iconic The Dhara Dhevi Chiang Mai, situated on a peaceful 60 acre estate in Northern Thailand, offers a magical backdrop in which children and adults . separate showers. 54 Colonial Suites featuring separate living and bedroom areas with private terraces overlook the pool,
Vacation Plans Articles
lake or stunning verdant gardens.

Vacation Package Mexico for Your Treasured Ones

Vacation Package Mexico for Your Treasured Ones

It is a fact that nothing more can be appeasing than a Mexico vacation with your dearest ones on this New Year eve. Supporting this if you manage to get a travel vacation packages than it will be your greatest holiday experience. This article will guide you how to choose for the best Vacation Package Mexico to have a gala time in the most exotic and exciting destination of the world. Mexico is indeed one of the most happening and hotspot tourist destinations in United States and throughout the world. A beautiful place comprising historical places, wildlife, exciting nightlife, adventurous tours all filled with excitement. In addition to this, Mexico is renowned as one of the sought after destinations for its sunny beaches, appetizing cuisines, and the wonderful hospitality of the people. So what about visiting this fun filled place on the very New Year? Well, coming to choose for the best Vacation Package Mexico, have you ever tried for an all inclusive Mexican package? It is really fun without any skyrocketed prices. This Vacation Package will be inclusive of airfare, resort activities, hotels and bed and breakfast, dining and all other recreational activities you want in a complete tour. Let s check out certain magnetizing places in Mexico to travel. If you are accompanying your family, Mexico is great for kids who are keen to enjoy nature or are nature lovers. The most famous Xcaret Theme Park is full of natural elements, not only for children but also for grownups to interact and enjoy. This park is also popular for the underground river where you will find several tropical plants. In addition to this the theme part consists of a butterfly pavilion and a coral reef aquarium. Mexican Vacation will be incomplete if you do not visit Cancun which is the best family friendly destinations. For the best hotels to choose for Cancun holidays includes Fiesta Americana Condesa Cancun All inclusive, Krystal Cancun All Inclusive Optional, Intercontinental Cancun Resort, Excellence Riviera Cancun Luxury Adults Only All inclusive, Gr Solaris Cancun and Spa All inclusive, Royal Solaris Cancun Resort Marina and Spa All inclusive and many more. Mexico vacations without enjoying the beach is again not worth. Mexico is well known for beaches in the entire world. The top 5 beach resorts to enjoy beach in Mexico, which you must visit includes Le Meridien Cancun Resort and Spa La Jolla de Mismaloya Fairmont Acapulco Princess Isla Navidad Resort Westin Resort Spa

TripAura is one of the fastest travel agencies renowned across the globe for providing the best travel deals online. We take a great sense of pride in delivering the best services to our clients at a competitive price without compromising on customer satisfaction.
Vacation Package Mexico for Your Treasured Ones

Vacation and Travel Articles

Vacation and Travel Articles

Off airport parking is a boon for travelers. Often they prove to be cheaper than parking lots run by airports and online discounts and other conveniences make the option even more attractive.

Sail Away on a Cruise Vacation!

Because people have many different reasons to take a cruise, many types are offered, and once you know exactly what you are looking for, you can begin your quest for the perfect vacation.

Weekend Breaks to Malta

Plan your next holiday tour to the island of Malta, often referred to as the island of sunshine and history.

Timbavati Game Reserve an African Adventure

Do you dream of the ultimate safari experience? Escaping to one of the most natural locations in the world whilst viewing zebras galloping across the plains, troupes of Monkeys grooming and playing and hearing the roar of the Lion is one of the most exquisite ways to spend a holiday

Shark Cage Diving The Heart of the Cape Town Adventure Tourism Industry

Whether sharks intrigue, fascinate or frighten you, it is the experience of a life time being so close to them and observing them in their natural habitat. Being with these mighty kings of the deep is one of the most popular activities in adventure tourism at the moment. Whether you wish to dive with Great Whites or simply view them from afar, Cape Town is the perfect location for you.

The Breath of Villas in Bali

A villa is basically a house where a family can spend their time together. In Bali however, a villa is a breath of nature for the family, for first time honeymooners, or individuals who want to re the self being. Most villas in Bali take personal privacy into account, and this is at harmony with nature. The detailed concept of their respective architectures can be various, but privacy and luxury play an important role in the basic concept of many villas.

Advantages of Staying in a Private Villa in Bali

For less than the cost of staying at a good hotel in Bali you can now enjoy the luxury of a beautiful private Bali villa with air bedrooms and tropical bathrooms to dream about,
Vacation and Travel Articles
spacious living and dining areas and spacious terraces, a lush tropical garden with your own private swimming pool, and well butler to take care of everything around the clock.

Africa The Cradle of Humankind

Robert Ardry wrote that, “Humanity evolved beneath the canopy of African skies on the immense card table of the African Savannah”. Exploring this evolution is a magnificent way to gain insight into the origin of mankind. Not only will you be enlightened on your tour of South Africa archaeological treasures you will also get to experience this beautiful countries modern day treasures

Experiencing Natural Wonders with Ecotourism

It is an enlightening, participatory travel experience to environments, both natural and cultural which produces viable economic opportunities for the tourism industry and host communities, and makes the use of these resources through conservation beneficial to all tourism role players. Africa is a treasure trove of natural wonders and the jewel at the tip, South Africa, is a slice of paradise for anyone interested in ecotourism.

Villas in Bali

A villa is basically a house where a family can spend their time together. In Bali however, a villa is a breath of nature for the family, for first time honeymooners, or individuals who want to re the self being. Most villas in Bali take personal privacy into account, and this is at harmony with nature. The detailed concept of their respective architectures can be various, but privacy and luxury play an important role in the basic concept of many villas.

Traveling To Liverpool

Article about Traveling to Liverpool and Places to visit

A Christmas Ski Holiday for Young Travellers

Many youth travel specialists offer great skiing package that will allow independent travellers to join the jet set and experience the magic of Christmas in the Austrian Alps.

Holiday Escapes to Beautiful Botswana

With the wide range of activities, accommodation and travel option on offer in this magnificent country,
Vacation and Travel Articles
a holiday in the wilderness regions of Botswana is made easy and accessible for all tourists. Many tour operators offer exceptional package deals which allow you to experience the true essence of Africa.