cigarette burns are on the rise

cigarette burns are on the rise

“They all told me basically the same thing,” he explained. Along with colleagues, he compiled a detailed report about the three patients he treated, concluding that lithium ion battery failure likely caused the injuries.

“These cases are among the first recognizing thermal injuries sustained from the lithium ion batteries contained in electronic cigarettes, which means there’s a need for increased awareness of the safety hazards associated with e cigarettes,” Vercruysse explained.

E cigarettes have already been banned from airplanes, US Navy vessels and some counties.

Last year, a Delta Airlines flight was delayed after an e cigarette ignited inside a passenger’s carry on bag. Earlier this month, the Navy barred the devices from ships, submarines, boats and aircraft.

Eighty percent of e cigarette explosions take place while the device is charging, according to FEMA.

“I think in general, the public thinks that e cigarettes are somehow better for you than tobacco cigarettes,” Vercruysse said. “But they still deliver nicotine, which isn’t good for you, and this particular product has a defect where the battery can malfunction.”
cigarette burns are on the rise

Classifieds Listings

Classifieds Listings

Commerical Lease 1Furnished Apartments 1Homes for Rent 2Unfurished Apartments 7Rides3/21/2018: Storage Auction (Secure Self Storage) LEGAL NOTICE Notice of Public Sale of Personal Property Lien Sale: Secure Self Storage Under New York State Law, Secure Self Storage will hold a Public Sale by Competitive Bidding. Sale will be held at the facility: 35 Royal Rd, Ithaca, NY 14850 Wednesday, March 21th, 2018 at 12:30 PM. Tenant Name, Unit , and Inventory 1. Elizabeth Young 139 Household Items boxes. 2. Elizabeth Young 204 Household Items boxes. 3. Joe Hawes 449 Household Items boxes. 4. Ralph Brown 540 Household Items boxes. 5. Cynthia Lang 1013 Household Items boxes. 6. Cynthia Lang 230 Household Items boxes. Sale is for the unit as a whole. Sale is for CASH ONLY. All monies are due at the time of sale. A 10% Buyers Premium and sales tax will be collected in addition to the winning bid. All goods are sold “AS IS” and must be completely removed from the unit and the property within 24 hours of the sale. Sale is subject to adjournment, but may continue day to day until all property is sold. We collect a $50 cleaning deposit, that is retained until the unit is emptied, cleaned, and broom swept within the given time frame. Winning bidders must bring their own lock to secure the unit after the sale. 3/7, 3/14/18

BOARD OF ZONING APPEALS (BZA) AGENDA LEGAL NOTICE CITY OF ITHACA BOARD OF ZONING APPEALS (BZA): Notice is hereby given, pursuant to Section 325 40. B. (2) (g) of City of Ithaca Zoning Ordinance, Public Hearings will be held Tuesday, February 6, 2018 at 6:00 PM in Common Council Chambers, City Hall, 108 E. Green St., Ithaca, NY, to consider the following appeals: APPEAL 3086 106 EAST COURT STREET Appeal of Arthur Lustgarten and Barbara Platek for an area variance from Section 325 8 Column 4, Off Street Parking requirements of the zoning ordinance. The property at 106 E. Court Street is classified as a legal nonconforming use in an R 3a zone district. The property contains professional offices and one two bedroom apartment. On July 1, 1974 two variance were approved for the property. A use variance for the office space and an area variance for parking. The area variance was approved for 12 parking to be located more than the required 750 foot maximum distance from the property. In 1989, the then owners David and Mary Long, appealed to the Board of Zoning Appeals for relief from the parking conditions imposed by the 1974 variance. Variance 1883, was granted on January 5, 1989 which reduced the parking requirement from 12 parking spaces to 7 and allowed the parking spaces to be located in a less restrictive zone than where the property is located. In 1991, the property was sold to the applicant who received a 10 year parking arrangement for seven parking spaces that were located at 110 W. Seneca Street. At a recent housing inspection, the Housing Inspector requested a lease for the parking as required by the zoning variance granted in 1989. The applicant, in an attempt to obtain the lease for the parking, found that the parking spaces were no longer available. Subsequently, the applicant sent letters to property owners within 750 feet of the property asking if they had any available spaces for rent. There was no response to the request from the nearby property owners. Therefore, the applicant is requesting a variance for the 7 parking spaces, in order to bring the property into compliance with the zoning ordinance. The property is located in an R 3a residential use district in which the proposed use is permitted by variance. However, Section 325 39 requires that a variance be granted before a Certificate of Compliance is issued. APPEAL 3087 607 SOUTH AURORA STREET Appeal of Charlie O’Connor on behalf of the owner 607 S. Aurora St., LLC for an Area Variance from Section 325 29.3, Dumpster placement in an R 2 zone. The applicant proposes to install a dumpster at the property located at 607 S. Aurora Street. The property was recently developed and now contains four new 2 family dwellings. The owner has found that having individual garbage containers and recycling bins for the eight rental units has become unsightly and impractical to manage. Therefore, the applicant would like to place two dumpster on the property, enclosed with solid fencing, to service the tenants’ needs. The zoning ordinance, Section 325 29.3, requires properties that are located in the R 1 and R 2 zone district to pursue a variance from the Board of Zoning Appeals prior to the placement of a dumpster in the zone district. The property is located in an R 2a residential use district in which the proposed use is permitted. However, Section 325 38 requires that an area variance be granted before a building permit is issued APPEAL 3088 920 NORTH TIOGA STREET Appeal of Burke Carson on behalf of the owner Ian Greer and Virginia Doellgast for an Area Variance from Section 325 8, Column 10, Lot Coverage, Column 11, Front Yard, and Column 12, Other Front Yard requirements of zoning ordinance. The applicant proposes to construct a 52 square addition to the southwest corner of the single family dwelling located at 920 N. Tioga Street. The addition will be as a three season room by the owners. The one story addition will be located at the rear corner of the dwelling and will parallel the existing side and rear of the building. The footprint of the addition will increase the lot coverage by building from 41.5% to 42.8%. The zoning ordinance allows a maximum of 35% lot coverage by building. There are existing deficiencies in both front yards of this corner lot that will not be exacerbated by the proposal. The property is located in an R 2b residential use district in which the proposed use is permitted. However, Section 325 38 requires that an area variance be granted before a building permit is issued. Gino Leonardi Secretary to the Board of Zoning Appeals Publication Dates: January 31, 2018 and February 2, 2018 1/31, 2/2/2018

The Ithaca Journal LLC and PLC Notices

ELK RIVER, LLC Notice of formation of limited liability company (“LLC”). known as ELK RIVER, LLC. Articles of Organization were filed with the Secretary of State for the State of New York (“SSNY”) on March 20, 2017. Office Location: 121 E. Buffalo Street, Ithaca, New York 14850, Tompkins County. The Secretary of State has been designated as agent of the LLC upon whom process against it may be served. SSNY shall mail a copy of any process to the LLC at 121 E. Buffalo Street, Ithaca, New York 14850. Purpose: To engage in any lawful act or activity. 3/3, 3/10, 3/17, 3/24, 3/31, 4/7/1/8

Press Sun Bulletin Legal Notices

LEGAL NOTICE Bids for Department of Public Works Project BG XX99 will be received on Wednesday, April, 4,2018, at the Division of Purchasing of Broome County, 4th Floor, Edwin L. Crawford County Office Building in the Government Plaza, for the following: BROOME COUNTY RAMP FACILITY PACEMAKER STEEL PIPING COMPANY INC. SHARED PARKING LOT RECONSTRUCTION CITY OF BINGHAMTON COUNTY OF BROOME STATE OF NEW YORK DPW PROJECT NO: BG XX99 Deposit Required: Each Proposal must be made upon the forms provided by the County and shall be accompanied by a deposit of five percent (5%) of the amount of the bid. Said Deposit shall be made payable to the Broome County Director of OMB, shall be considered a guarantee that the bidder will enter into the Contract with the County if it is awarded to him/her. Minimum Wage Rates shall be as determined by the New York State Department of Labor. If the bid price for this project exceeds $100,000, then the Broome County Minority Business Enterprise (MBE) subcontracting goal is 3.5%, and the EEO Minority Hiring Goal is 5.0% in accordance with the programs detailed in the bid documents. Copies from any other source are not considered official copies. Only those vendors who obtain bidding documents from the Regional Bid Notification System are guaranteed to receive addendum information, if such information is issued. If you have obtained this document from a source other than the Empire State Purchasing Group, it is recommended that you obtain an official copy. No hard copies of the plans and specifications will be provided. The Empire State Purchasing Group lists bids from over 190 municipal entities in New York State, and vendors / contractors can register for a free “search only” service, or for a matching service for a small annual fee. Contract Proposals must be submitted in sealed envelopes with the words “Broome County Division of Purchasing”, the Project Title and DPW Project Number, and the Contractor’s name and address plainly printed on the outside. Each bid must be in a separate envelope. Each Proposal must be accompanied by a Deposit of Cash, Certified Check or Bid Bond, payable to Broome County Director of OMB, in the amount specified by this advertisement. The retention and disposal of such Cash, Certified Check or Bid Bond, by the County, shall conform to Article 5A, Section 105 of the General Municipal Law, as amended. The successful Contractor will be required to execute the Contract and comply, in all respects, with Article 5A, Section 105 of the General Municipal Law, as amended. ITEMIZED BID PROPOSAL, BID BOND, NON COLLUSIVE BIDDING CERTIFICATE, CONTRACTOR’S QUALIFICATION STATEMENT, CONTRACTOR/SUBCONTRACTOR QUESTIONNAIRE, CONTRACTOR’S ELECTION LAW STATEMENT, CONTRACTOR’S GIFT STATEMENT, IRANIAN ENERGY DIVESTMENT CERTIFICATION, W 9 FORM, AND BIDDERS CHECKLIST MUST BE SUBMITTED WITH EACH PROPOSAL. The Broome County Board of Acquisition and Contracts (BAC) reserves the right to reject any and all Bids offered. PRE BID MEETING: The Pre Bid Information Meeting will be held on Thursday March 22, 2018 at 10:00 AM in the Broome County Ramp Facility at 1 North Floral Avenue Binghamton, NY. A site walk will follow. McManus, Chairperson DATED: March 11, 2018 3/11, 3/14/18

The Ithaca Journal LLC and PLC Notices

LEGAL NOTICE NOTICE OF FORMATION OF THE CRAFTSMAN AT BRIDGES CORNELL HEIGHTS LLC Under Section 203 of the New York Limited Liability Company Law, notice is hereby given of the formation of the above named Limited Liability Company. 1. The name of the Limited Liability Company is THE CRAFTSMAN AT BRIDGES CORNELL HEIGHTS LLC (the “Company”). 2. The Company’s Articles of Organization were filed with the Secretary of State on February 5, 2018. 3. The principal office of the Company is located in Tompkins County, New York. 4. The Secretary of State is designated as the agent of the Company upon whom process against the Company may be served. The post office address to which the Secretary of State shall mail a copy of any process against the Company served upon such Secretary of State is 407 Wyckoff Avenue, Ithaca, New York 14850. 5. The purpose of the Company shall be to engage in any lawful act or activity for which limited liability companies may be formed under the New York Limited Liability Company Law. 2/10, 2/17, 2/24, 3/3, 3/10, 3/17/18

Press Sun Bulletin LLC and PLC Notices

LEGAL NOTICE Notice of formation of Limited Liability Company under New York Limited Liability Company Law, (“LLCL”). The name of the Limited Liability Company (“LLC”) is 4 MAIN STREET LLC. The date of filing of the Articles of Organization with the Secretary of State is December 1, 2017. The County within the State of New York in which the principal office of the LLC is located is Broome. The secretary of the State of New York is hereby designated as agent of the LLC upon whom process against it may be served. The address to which the Secretary of State shall mail a copy of any process against him or her is 279 Front Street, Binghamton, New York 13905. The character or purpose of the business of the LLC is any purpose allowed by law. 2/16, 2/23, 3/2, 3/9, 3/16, 3/23/18

Press Sun Bulletin LLC and PLC Notices

LEGAL NOTICE Notice of formation of Limited Liability Company under New York Limited Liability Company Law, (“LLCL”). The name of the Limited Liability Company (“LLC”) is HIGHBRIDGE ROAD LLC. The date of filing of the Articles of Organization with the Secretary of State is December 19, 2017. The County within the State of New York in which the principal office of the LLC is located is Broome. The secretary of the State of New York is hereby designated as agent of the LLC upon whom process against it may be served. The address to which the Secretary of State shall mail a copy of any process against him or her is 98 West End Avenue, Binghamton, New York 13905. The character or purpose of the business of the LLC is any purpose allowed by law. 2/15, 2/22, 2/29, 3/8, 3/15, 3/22/18

Elmira Star Gazette Legal Notices

NOTICE CONCERNING THE EXAMINATION OF ASSESSMENT INVENTORY AND VALUATION DATA (Pursuant to Sec 501 of the Real Property Tax Law) Notice is hereby given that assessment inventory and valuation data is available for examination and review. This data is the information which will be used to establish the assessment of each parcel which will appear on the Tentative Assessment Roll of the Town of Erwin, which will be filed on or before May 1st, 2018. An appointment to review the Assessment information may be made by telephoning the assessor at (607) 936 8913. Dated this 1st day of March, 2018. Connie Luckner Sole Assessor 3/11, 3/18/18

NOTICE OF AUCTION Please take notice pursuant to section 182 of the lien law of New York State, the undersigned claims a lien upon the goods now in possession of the undersigned for the charges duly demanded that have not been paid. 3/9, 3/16/18

The Ithaca Journal LLC and PLC Notices

Notice of formation The name of the limited liability company is: Inland Sea Language Services, LLC Articles of Organization were filed on 1/17/2018 in Tompkins County The business address is PO Box 943, Ithaca, NY 14851 The Secretary of State is designated as agent of the limited liability company upon whom process against it may be served. The address within or without this state to which the Secretary of State shall mail a copy of any process against the limited liability company served upon him or her is: Inland Sea Language Services, LLC, PO Box 943, Ithaca, NY 14851 The purpose of Inland Sea Language Services, LLC is to provide translation and other related language services from, but not limited to, French, Italian, Spanish, and Arabic into English. 2/24, 3/2, 3/10, 3/16, 3/23, 3/30/18
Classifieds Listings

China’s intoxicating capital

China’s intoxicating capital

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We probably shouldn’t have giggled when our lovely Beijing guide referred to Adidas as a Chinese brand. The German sportswear label is as much a part of the sensory experience of her city as cigarette smoke and fermented bean porridge.

I remember having a similar feeling when I landed in Los Angeles. The McDonald’s, Starbucks and Hollywood signs that flashed by as I drove to Santa Monica were familiar as the backdrop of at least a dozen movies. The signs were an essential part of the city.

In Beijing, it was the labels Adidas, Gucci, Kappa,
China's intoxicating capital
Burberry, Converse that were everywhere. Again, it felt like a sort of homecoming, or perhaps it was more a feeling of having landed at the control terminal of the universe.

Beijing is a crazy city of contradictions.

High rise apartments beat them to the sun every day, but the lush canopies make Beijing appear green from the ground,
China's intoxicating capital
even though anyone arriving by air will note it’s actually covered with a thick layer of brown gas.

That probably wouldn’t be the case if everyone still rode rickshaws but now for every squeaky old thing there seem to be five shiny Audis.

Coach targets Ocean City boardwalk shops for counterfeit sales

Coach targets Ocean City boardwalk shops for counterfeit sales

Ocean City’s boardwalk is known for small shops hawking salt water taffy and souvenirs to vacation goers. But a major luxury brand has accused more than a dozen shops of doing brisk trade in an illegal market: counterfeit handbags and accessories.

Over two days in June, an investigator with Coach Inc. entered 13 stores overlooking the beach and bought counterfeit bags, wallets and other items for prices ranging from $20 to $75, according to lawsuits filed by Coach in federal court in Baltimore this week. Authentic Coach handbags in a similar style are sold for more than $300, according to the company’s website.

In some cases, the investigator said the shops had dozens of imitation Coach products for sale. And, in at least one instance, a shop employee admitted to the undercover investigator that the items were fake, according to the lawsuits.

“To those who traffic in counterfeit goods the message is simple: Coach is looking for you and, once found, will seek the maximum penalties available, including substantial monetary payments,” said Nancy Axilrod, associate general counsel for Coach, in an email to The Baltimore Sun.

Coach and other big name brands from Chanel to Louis Vuitton routinely work with federal and local law enforcement to fight a multibillion dollar trade in counterfeit goods, many of which originate from China through organized crime networks.

But the fight against counterfeit goods has been complicated in recent years by sellers of illicit products moving online and beyond the traditional hubs of black market knockoffs in New York and Los Angeles to other foot traffic heavy locales like Ocean City, experts said.

In at least one case this year, Coach sued a municipality Chicago for not doing enough to crack down on street vendors selling counterfeit company products at a city run public market.

According to the International AntiCounterfeiting Coalition, a nonprofit based in Washington, the worldwide trade in counterfeit goods amounts to about $600 billion a year. alone last year, Customs and Border Patrol and Immigration and Customs Enforcement seized $260 million worth of counterfeit goods.

The top categories of seized counterfeit goods included footwear, consumer electronics, apparel, computer hardware, pharmaceuticals, toys and electronic games, according to the federal agencies.

Companies “are all very serious about it,” said Robert C. Barchiesi, president of the International AntiCounterfeiting Coalition in Washington, which represents more than 200 companies. “Most consumers think it’s a bargain when they buy these goods, but they need to think again because the societal costs are enormous.”

Counterfeit goods lead to lost tax revenue and jobs as well as the diminishment of brands in the eyes of consumers who interact with imitation goods, Barchiesi said.

“If people are walking around with inferior bags, that doesn’t go far toward protecting the reputation of these quality brands,” Barchiesi said.

In its investigation in Ocean City, Coach alleges that the shops sold handbags, wallets, key chains and wristlets. The shops named in the lawsuits are: Maytalk; Beach Break; Hot Topik; Ocean Reef; Summer Breeze; Surf Beachwear; the Fashion Shop; Ocean Waves; Sunset Beachwear; New York New York; Jewel of the Ocean; Oceanfashion Boutique; and Sunglass City.

According to online federal court records, the owners of the shops had not been served with the lawsuits as of Tuesday.

Employees at several locations declined to comment, and management at those stores did not return phone calls. A manager at Oceanfashion Boutique, who refused to give her name, denied that the shop sold Coach counterfeit products.

Coach is seeking $2 million in damages for each counterfeit violation at each store or, alternatively, a court order for the store owners to pay Coach all of the profits earned from the sale of the items.

Coach’s lawsuits against the Ocean City shops come as the company has launched its own nationwide campaign, now in its second year, to crack down on the sale of imitation products. Last May, the company kicked off “Operation Turnlock,” a zero tolerance civil litigation program targeting producers, wholesalers and retailers of Coach fakes.

The New York based company is actively fighting the illegal trade of knockoffs in lawsuits against stores across the country, according to federal court records. So far, Coach has filed about 250 lawsuits and has secured court judgments and settlements for hundreds of thousands of dollars in damages, according to Coach’s Axilrod.

High profile busts of smuggling rings are routine.

In March, nine people were indicted in federal court and accused of transporting, in 33 shipping containers, hundreds of thousands of fake Nike shoes, Coach bags, Cartier watches and Gucci shoes through the port of Baltimore.
Coach targets Ocean City boardwalk shops for counterfeit sales

cigarette smoke may cause DNA damage and cancer

cigarette smoke may cause DNA damage and cancer

The battery driven devices, which deliver an instant nicotine “hit” without burning tobacco, have been widely promoted as a safer alternative to cigarettes.

But findings from a new study suggest they are far from harmless and could pose a serious health risk.

In laboratory tests, mice exposed to e cigarette smoke had higher levels of DNA damage in the heart, lungs and bladder than those breathing normal filtered air.

DNA repair systems, which protect against cancer, were also impaired in the animals cells.

The US team led by Dr Moon shong Tang,
cigarette smoke may cause DNA damage and cancer
from New York University School of Medicine, warn that “vapers” may be increasing their risk of life threatening conditions.

Reporting their findings in the journal Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, the researchers wrote: “We propose that ECS (e cigarette smoke) is carcinogenic and that e cig smokers have a higher risk than non smokers to develop lung and bladder cancer and heart diseases.”

Similar results were seen when cultured human lung and bladder cells were exposed to nicotine and nicotine derivatives.

The cells were more likely to mutate or undergo tumour triggering changes than non exposed cells.

While tobacco smoke contains a host of potentially dangerous chemicals, e cigarette vapour consists only of nicotine and some relatively harmless organic solvents.

Recent studies have shown that e cigarette smokers have 97% less of a lung carcinogen known as NNAL in their bodies than tobacco smokers. That is similar to the level seen in people on nicotine replacement therapy.

They pointed out that e cigarettes were rapidly gaining popularity, especially among young people who regard them as harmless.

“It is important to note that many of these e cig smokers (who) have taken up the e cig smoking habit are not necessarily doing it for the purpose of quitting TS (tobacco smoking), rather, it is because they are assuming that e cig smoking is safe,
cigarette smoke may cause DNA damage and cancer
” the scientists wrote.

Chelsea’s Pamida discount store to close

Chelsea’s Pamida discount store to close

Chelsea will lose its only chain discount store when the Nebraska based Pamida Stores closes its long time anchor store in the Chelsea Shopping Center on M 52 south of downtown.

The store will close on Dec. 31.

News of the store closing was announced to employees and some community officials on Thursday, said Bob Pierce, executive director of the Chelsea Area Chamber of Commerce.

“We’re very saddened to hear that they’re closing,” Pierce said today. “Pamida serves our population very well.”

The store opened in 1993, said Dean Williamson, Pamida’s senior vice president for human resources and general counsel, in an email. For a time the store was among the chain’s most successful.

However, he wrote, “In Chelsea, declining sales caused by a number of factors of business after the fire in 2008 as well as the slow recovery from the economic downturn, to name two continuing operation of the store unviable.”

The chain operates more than 200 stores in 16 states, according to company web information. Locations tend to be in very small towns that are not served by other general discount stores. Other Michigan locations include Brooklyn, Tecumseh, Allegan and Clare.

The chain is closing two other stores at year end, Williamson said: Hayward, Wis., and York, Neb.

Pamida is an affiliate of Sun Capital Partners Inc.

The store reopened in fall 2008 after a fire damaged the mall and about $1 million in inventory about five months earlier.

No signs at the store announced the pending closure as of Monday.

The rebuilding time for the mall probably took “longer than anybody would like,” Pierce said. A few vacant storefronts remain in the center, which is operated by Lars Associates LLC in West Bloomfield.

As Pamida winds down in Chelsea, Pierce said many of the town’s senior citizens would likely miss the store most.

Community based organizations also will feel a void, he added, since Pamida contributed to many of them.

“Pamida has been just a wonderful supporter of this community,” he said. Grants from the Pamida Foundation went to the Chelsea Area Fire Department, Faith in Action and the chamber.

“They are very community oriented,” Pierce said.

He added: “It’s very unfortunate that at this time they’ve chosen to close the store.”

The store employs 17, and some may transfer to the Tecumseh store, Williamson said. All who do not remain with the company will receive severance, he added.

“It a sad occasion any time Pamida exits a community, but we want to thank the people of Chelsea for their support over the years,” Williamson said. “In addition, we like to thank the Pamida teammates for their hard work towards making the Chelsea store successful.

“The store closing is certainly no reflection on their efforts.”

With the VERY lengthy delay re opening after the small fire, residents knew that the store wasn going to be on a priority list with Corporate HQ. Also the smaller and less desirable stock had it own indications. Having Pamida in town was the best store for those of us raising young families and in need of clothing for growing children, last minute school projects, bulk items, holiday shopping and such that DIDN require a twenty plus mile trip East or West. If your family needed better quality dry goods (NOT higher priced fad clothing), then Vogel and Foster was the place to be and we NEVER regretted a purchase there with those items being of high quality and sturdy enough for multiple childrens wearings. Groceries, of course, are at Polly (Country Market), a clean and well stocked store. If your menu needed specialty or gourmet items, then Chelsea Market has what you need or will get it for you. Being a small city (still in it infancy from being a Village) Chelsea is a viable stop on I94 and the crowds in it stores are proof of that. Pamida will be missed and since there is no reason that Corporate HQ would listen to it customers I will set my sights and hopes on another similar type 5 10 store. As for me? When I need anything for the family? I staying in town as long as I can. Can help you on the ammo, however. “Chelsea is ripe for a market that actually gave a damn, while still charging reasonable prices.” People forget about the New Chelsea Market right in the heart of downtown. Yeah, their prices are higher than what you find at Polly or Meijer, but I can walk there from my house, the store owners know me by name, and also know to do things like set aside six packs of Bell Oracle for me without my asking, and that worth more than any amount of money I might save by shopping at some big box store where the staff couldn care less. Give me an Oreo cookie over some cardboard tasting mini cow dung looking excuse for a Most general grocery stores do carry the same products I hardly believe that Ann Arbor grocery stores have less additives in their Cap Crunch than Pollys does. Polly is clean waaaayyyy cleaner than Meijer on Zeeb. I will NOT buy fresh meats or fish from that place. When you walk by and the fish counter smells like fish it isn good. Fresh fish doesn stink. I seen frozen food and meat found in other aisles at Meijer and watched the store personnel put it right back in the cold case. Sorry not going to buy that stuff, don know how long it sat out. I lived out here for a very long time and I like Polly a lot more than the stores I used to shop at in Ann Arbor and Downriver.

Having lived in Chelsea for 10 years now, I always thought of Pamida as a half stocked Kmart; everything I ever looked for there, they never had. The name of the store sounds like some rare disease. Chelsea suffers dramatically in the retail sector. Polly staff could care less if you shopped there. Every time I ask for help, I am shocked at their dismissal of my interest in purchasing something from their workplace. Yesterday I asked them where they kept apple cider; no answer was offered nor any help to find out. Polly carries far too much junk with unnecessary additives and very little organic food. Chelsea is ripe for a market that actually gave a damn, while still charging reasonable prices. Chelsea needs a place to buy linens, baby clothes, ammo a Meijer maybe, but, please no Malwart. Pamida carried junk with a selection so poor I wouldn waste my time looking for it there. Walmart treats their employees and by extension, their suppliers employees (see Lawnboy)like dirt. I cannot in good conscience ever go in a Walmart again. I would really like to see a return to a decent department store owned by a local, instead of the faceless corporate entity that seeks to suck all our cash into some black hole in Malibu while abusing every tax loophole.

Totally agree with you Tree Town. I wonder why a larger chain can put in an store. Re: Pollys While they don carry as many products as Meijers the prices are still lower for common labels. One of the things I didn like about the Farmer Jack store was the one get one free sales you had to buy TWO items while only paying the price for one that price was still higher than the price for the same product at Polly Not only that Buy one get one free at Polly means if you only buy ONE product you pay half price for that one item. If you really comparing prices product for product Polly is lower. If you want the international foods they don have the selection that Meijer has, I go to Zeeb Rd when I make certain things that require ingredience that Polly doesn carry. Hence, if one were to come here it will be down near 94. Country Market “Polly advantage? They are the only large grocery store in town. What they need is some good competition.

I really can remember exactly how long Pamida has been in that location. I do remember that it was an Ames store prior to being Pamida. I like to see a similar type of store there but with higher quality merchandise and reasonable prices. The thing that used to bother me was that I could go to the Pamida in Clinton and it was bigger and nicer the merchandise was better too. That they didn do the same here in Chelsea may be a reason why they are closing down. As for what should be built here I do NOT want a huge Walmart, K Mart, Meijers. As far as another grocery store don see that happeing either. Farmer Jack came and closed. The prices were waaaayyy higher than the prices at Polly (Country Market). The one good thing about Farmer Jack was that once they moved out Polly moved in. Say what you want but I think the prices and quality at Polly is better than many other stores including places that are supposed to be discounted like Meijers. Plus they are clean.
Chelsea's Pamida discount store to close

Clearing House

Clearing House

Academic Director: Dr Danny TaggartThe University of Essex Doctorate in Clinical Psychology has been training people to become reflective and highly competent clinical psychologists since October 2005. The programme was developed in partnership with commissioners from the Health Education East of England, the University of Essex, the Tavistock and Portman NHS Foundation Trust, and NHS Trusts based in Essex.

This three year full time doctoral level training programme is accredited by the British Psychological Society (BPS) and approved by the Health Care Professions Council (HCPC).

The programme benefits from the input and support of clinicians based in Essex (within trusts such as Essex Partnership University NHS Foundation Trust) and at the Tavistock and Portman NHS Foundation Trust. The Tavistock and Portman NHS Foundation Trust has a national role in providing mental health training with a particular emphasis on multi disciplinary work. These clinicians also contribute to the teaching, research, placements and other operational activities. The programme is housed in the vibrant academic and research community of the School of Health and Human Sciences (SHHS) of the University of Essex. The School has an excellent reputation for research and teaching in health and social care, and it is committed to inter professional learning.

Some of the benefits of studying on our programme include:

Our relatively small trainee cohorts offer trainees the opportunity to work closely with the programme team and with one another. Such close working relationships, combined with robust and holistic support systems for trainees’ personal and professional development, provide an optimal training experience and foundation for trainees’ career long personal and professional development.

The programme is particularly well integrated with local research and clinical networks. Clinicians working in the region contribute directly to the course through teaching, supervision (on placements and as field research supervisors) and other aspects of the programme. This close collaboration provides many opportunities for ensuring strong theory practice integration.

Trainees on this programme benefit from our links with the Tavistock and Portman NHS Foundation Trust, which contribute to the integrative nature, research opportunities and clinical excellence of the programme.

The programme aims to develop the critical and reflective competencies of trainees. We provide learning opportunities for developing flexibility, leadership skills and reflective practice that are essential to meet the challenges faced by the profession of clinical psychology and by health services.

We place a priority on responding to trainees’ feedback and on reviewing and updating the way in which training is delivered in order to remain responsive to current needs and developments at the forefront of clinical psychology. The programme engages these stakeholders to remain responsive to local mental health needs.

Trainees are adult learners and junior colleagues who contribute to the overall training programme and one another’s training experience. The programme team places a premium on clear communication and consultation in decision making, incorporating the views of trainees,
Clearing House
service users and other stakeholders in the effective delivery of the training programme.

The programme equips trainees to apply psychological knowledge and theory to research and practice in the service of reducing psychological distress and promoting and enhancing psychological wellbeing.

Trainee clinical psychologists on our programme develop all competencies required of clinical psychologists by the HCPC and the BPS. We consider a competent clinical psychologist to be more than the sum of a number of competencies. Our reflective and integrative focus enables trainees to develop meta competencies required for reflective, integrative, ethical, autonomous research and evidence based practice.

The programme does not focus on one model or approach, but instead draws on a number of different models and approaches including behavioural, cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT), psychodynamic, systemic and integrative approaches alongside developmental, socio political, critical and other perspectives. The main therapeutic modalities are CBT, systemic and short term psychodynamic models.

The programme is committed to recognising, accommodating and embracing diversity.

Applicants to the programme should:

Have Graduate Basis for Chartered Membership (GBC) with the BPS.

Demonstrate at least one year’s full time, or equivalent, clinical or research experience relevant to clinical psychology (see the Entry Criteria FAQs on our website for further details). Applicants need to demonstrate that they have a realistic understanding of what the work of clinical psychologists entails and demonstrate experience of applying psychological theory in a clinical setting.

Demonstrate proficiency in English. For instance,
Clearing House
if an applicant’s first language is not English they should obtain at least level 7 (with no component below 7) on the IELTS or equivalent (eg TOEFL score of 100 internet based or 600 paper based). The IELTS test should have been taken within the last two years.

At least a high 2:1 honours degree with a third year average of 65% or above in Psychology. Please ensure you have included your academic transcript with your application.

China’s richest village Huaxi has it’s own replicas of world famous landmarks

China’s richest village Huaxi has it’s own replicas of world famous landmarks

Huaxi, with its 2,000 official registered inhabitants, has long been recognised as the richest village in China each resident having at least 1.6 million yuan (173, 844) in the bank.

According to , the village has transformed into a haven where every resident is entitled to benefits such as free healthcare, education, a home and cooking oil.

In order to receive these benefits, every resident has to work seven days a week usually in the town’s industrial plant.

Huaxi is home to a huge skyscraper dubbed the Hanging Village of Huaxi.

Reaching 328 metres (1,076ft) into the sky in Huaxi, Jiangsu province, its closest rival is 600 miles away in Beijing and it is 18metres taller than the Shard in Central London.

Despite such a small population, the latest tower to be built there is 52 storeys higher than its closest rival in Huaxi and has enough capacity to fit the entire population of the village.

The skyscraper stands taller than Paris’s Eiffel Tower (324m) and the Chrysler Building (319m) in New York.

It had taken four years for the work to be finished on the 74 storey hotel and residential block at a cost of 3 billion yuan (301m).

Some have compared the building as looking like a trophy because at the top there is a huge sphere made out of glass while others wonder if it is sustainable in such a place as Huaxi.

There are 800 suites in the structure and it can hold around 2,000 people. There is an exhibition hall, a revolving restaurant and rooftop swimming pools and gardens.

Big building for a village: Huaixi has shown off its extravagant side by constructing a giant skyscraper with a five star hotel inside

Architectural replicas have become particularly popular in China in recent years.

French landmarks, such as the Eiffel Tower and Arc de triomphe, are particularly popular for replica makers.

Most recently,
China's richest village Huaxi has it's own replicas of world famous landmarks
a small statuette of Lady Liberty has appeared in Yunnan, south west China, inside a hotel garden.

However, there’s also been an increasing number of replica Chinese landmarks appearing around the country.

They have far fewer visitors than the real tourist sites, giving travellers more opportunities for photographs.

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China's richest village Huaxi has it's own replicas of world famous landmarks
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Coach to buy Stuart Weitzman

Coach to buy Stuart Weitzman

Coach Inc will buy women’s luxury footwear company Stuart Weitzman Holdings LLC, as it looks to expand its high end offerings to better compete with rivals such as Michael Kors Holdings Ltd and Kate Spade Co .

Coach to buy Stuart Weitzman
known for its Poppy handbags, said it would buy Stuart Weitzman from private equity firm Sycamore Partners in a deal valued at up to $574 million.

Coach is realigning its business by cutting promotions and shuttering underperforming stores.

The company said on Tuesday it would make initial cash payment of about $530 million to Sycamore Partners and pay up to $44 million on achievement of certain revenue targets over the three years after the acquisition closes.

Sycamore Partners acquired Stuart Weitzman last year as part of its $2.2 billion purchase of Jones Group Inc,
Coach to buy Stuart Weitzman
the fashion company that owns retail chains Nine West and Jones New York.

City Council considers plastic bag surcharge

City Council considers plastic bag surcharge

“They charge you for everything now,” said shopper Cheryl Sheffield. “It’s not right, but what are you going to do? You need to carry your groceries home.”A lot of customers choose to carry their purchase out by hand to avoid a five cent fee.”I think the bag tax stinks, honestly. Why tax us for grocery bags when we are paying for the food and stuff to put in the bag?” said Baltimore resident Ronald Lewis.That may become the reality in Baltimore City after a bill to implement plastic bag fees was voted out of committee on Wednesday and sent to the full council. It imposes a five cent surcharge on plastic bags at supermarkets and other shops. The idea is to reduce litter while raising money to clean up city parks and the Inner Harbor.”I think that it’s a lot; however, I think it’s good because it helps us to recycle, and then it will get me to get my recycle bag out of the trunk of my car,” said city resident Claudette Gadsden Hrobak.Some discount grocery stores like Save a Lot have charged for plastic bags for years 10 cents for large bags and 3 cents for small ones.”People haven’t been refusing to go there?” 11 News reporter George Lettis asked resident Marnetta Baker. She replied, “No, and it’s cheap there, so people go there.”The company uses the bag fees to pump up its profits.The proposed legislation says retailers would keep about a penny of the 5 cent fee. The rest would go to the city about $1.5 million in the first year, according to a city estimate.In the past, Mayor Stephanie Rawlings Blake said she’d sign a bag fee bill. This week, she qualified that a bit, saying her support ultimately depends on the final language. She seemed lukewarm about raising more fees on residents.”I will always have concerns about imposing more taxes and fees. I had to do a significant amount of that to climb out of the great recession, so I’m always cautious about that,” Rawlings Blake said.The measure goes before the full council for a vote Monday. Sponsor James Kraft is confident it will pass.Vaping ban also being consideredThe City Council is also considering a bill that would ban vaping in most public places, including playgrounds and inside public buildings. The legislation is making its way through City Hall as electronic cigarettes are gaining in popularity but remain largely unregulated.The proposal would make exceptions for vape shops and bars and restaurants that allow E cigarettes.If it passes, Baltimore would join other big cities like Boston and New York, which have already banned E cigarettes in places where regular cigarettes aren’t allowed.
City Council considers plastic bag surcharge