region writers form poetry collective

region writers form poetry collective

Founded by Lisa Mulrooney and Carolyn Cordell, the Parkland Poets kicked off their inaugural 2018 season by offering a bi monthly poetry reading series at the Stony Plain Public Library (SPPL).Mulrooney said that she and her co founder decided to start the Parkland Poets after driving into the Edmonton literary community due to the lack of presence of a writing community here in the tri region.friend and I discovered we had a mutual interest in poetry but there wasn really an opportunity for us to engage in it in the Parkland County area. We been travelling into Edmonton weekly and joining the Stroll of Poets (an Edmonton based poetry collective), Mulrooney said. decided to see if we could create something in this area following their model. and Cordell approached the Stroll of Poets and the SPPL and said that the two groups were very supportive in helping them bring their idea to fruition.The readings are universally open, said Mulrooney, adding that the Parkland Poets were interested in booking readers regardless of their background in the to everybody, she said. poet who is just starting out; a teenager in high school, a published poet with eight collections. If someone is interested in reading and being featured, then we will look at letting them sign up and go for it. Parkland Poets are also open to all varieties of poetry, from traditional Shakespearean sonnets to modern spoken word poetry and performance pieces, said Mulrooney.Feedback for the group been largely positive, with the Parkland Poets receiving letters and emails of interest.had a lot of queries and emails asking how to get involved. We been asked if we want to proof read their work which we don we can have beginners and professionals, Mulrooney said.Cordell and Mulrooney see the Parkland Poets as a way of creating a foundation for a thriving literary arts community in the tri region and hope that the initiative will help make those arts more accessible for rural residents.were told that in Parkland County there a very vibrant visual arts community and that the literary arts have less of an interest, she said. of the reasons why both libraries and in particular SPPL were so enthusiastic in supporting this initiative. and I drive into Edmonton every week on a Monday for the people that don have the luxury of being able to do that this is bringing it closer and making it accessible for those in the rural regions, she added.
region writers form poetry collective

Retailers Take advantage of Ladies

Retailers Take advantage of Ladies

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Retailers Take advantage of Ladies

Replica Handbags are Great for Everyone

Replica Handbags are Great for Everyone

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Burberry bag will be a rather intelligent choice Though deciding upon a designer bag you need to take into consideration certain this sort of items as its style, shade, substance from which it’s produced, certainly its price. leather briefcases Bags can practically feature in any form of design or artwork because everyone nowadays carry some or the type of bag wherever they go. Many companies believe.
Replica Handbags are Great for Everyone

Recent Forum Posts

Recent Forum Posts

Magazin se bavi planinarenjem, alpinizmom, biciklizmom i srodnim outdoor sportovima. Novine su u PDF formatu, distribuiraju se na e mail i BESPLATNE su. Stari bojevi se slobodno skidaju iz arhive. Redakcija nalazi u Novom Sadu, a itaci su nam iz celog regiona, te se trudimo da nam i teme budu sa celog ex Yu prostora. Takoe, na sajtu je velika baza planinarskih domova i jeftinih mesta za spavanje iz celog regiona. Nemorate da ste planinar, dovoljno je da volite prirodu i dobre fotografije kojima ove novine obiluju.

Prada, lead by fashion designer Miuccia Prada, is perhaps best known for its lovely black nylon designer Prada handbags and signature triangle logo. Top Prada handbag designs include the Prada Bowling Bag Resembling a doctor’s bag with a double handle the Prada bowling bag is a mix of nylon and black leather and is lined with a silky famous Prada lining, with a zippered pocket inside. Prada handbags are estimated to be the most imitated fashion accessory today. In order for them to earn much, they sell fake designer handbags to innocent women. If you do not want to fall prey to lesser quality bags, you should know what to look into, when shopping for bags. When it comes to an authentic Prada handbag, you should make sure that the stitch is not loose, crooked, or poorly done. The smell of the leather should be pleasant. There are some leather materials that actually smell good, while there are some materials that emit a foul odor. An authentic Prada handbag smells of good leather and you can also tell by the touch as well.

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Javljam se da vas upoznam i sa drugom stranom cipela ALPINA.

Verovatno niste znali da imaju ogranicen rok trajanja. Evo originalnog maila koji sam kao odgovor dobio posle reklamacije direktno u Sloveniju.

Ne mogu vam poslati na ovaj nacin sliku ali moji djonovi su se bukvalno raspali sami od sebe.

Primili smo Va mail vezano za reklamaciju Epir artikla i moram Vas obavijestiti da je u Vaem sluaju dolo do staranja produkta to znai da je raspadanje djona nastupilo radi hemijske reakcije Hidrolize, to znai da se material PU poliuvretan raspada.

To nastupa kod cipela koje su starije vie od 8 godina to je sluaj i kod Vas.

Mi Vam pomenutu greku moemo opraviti ali je troak popravka 35 Eur i trokovi potarine.

Reklamacije Vam u tom sluaju ne moemo uveljavljati.

P Preden to sporoilo natisnete, pomislite na okolje.

Please consider the environment before printing this mail.

Za vse poti PLANIKA TREKKING poskrbi !

e ste pomotoma prejeli ta dokument, vas prosimo, da o tem takoj obvestite poiljatelja in mu dokument vrnete ter ga uniite. Prepovedana je vsaka nepooblaena uporaba, razkritje, objava, kopiranje ali razirjanje tega dokumenta, njegovega dela ali vsebine.

If you have received this e mail in error, please immediately inform the sender, resend the message to the sender and destroy this message.

Evo za poetak, ja mogu da navedem moja iskustva jo iz detinjstva, sa kampovanja sa mojim roditeljima. Kampovali smo ispod ator planine, blizu sela Preodac nekih 35 km od Bosanskog Grahova. Tamo sam proveo nekih 15 tak najlepih letnjih raspusta ikad. Planina je pitoma, ume ogromne, prepune voa (jagoda, malina, tu i tamo borovnica), bogate peurkama, lekovitim travama, a najvie bogata mnotvom izvora, potoia iz kojih ste na bilo kom mestu mogli da pijete, a koji su inil sliv reke Unac. U kasnijem periodu su podno sela napravili prelivnu branu i formiralo se jezero koje je leti uvek imalo temperaturu vazduha, do odreene granice. Prepuni rakova, pastrmki i ostalog sveta potoci i jezero su pruali neverovatan doivljaj. ume su bile pune divljai. Video sam; vuka, medveda (kada smo bili u malinama), lisicu, hrka, vevericu, zeca Ne moram da Vam naroito objanjavam kakvo je bilo mleko i koliko je bio debeo kajmak na njemu.

Dodue sa kravama koje su davale tako dobro mleko ste uvek morali da budete na oprezu, jer su prosto vrebale pored potoka, gde smo se umivali da ape sapun i u slast ga pojedu. Potok nam je sluio i da u njemu drimo kvarljivu hranu, potopljenu. Tako se hladila i nije se irio miris koji je mogao da privue vukove, pse ili lije, kao to je znalo da se desi. Sa dananjom opremom i znanjem takav potok bi bez problema mogao da poslui za dobijanje struje uz pomo prenosivog generatora. Mislim da su tako neto Japanci, ve davno napravili.

Mi smo imali svoje mesto na livadama. Potok nam je bio na severu, a preko njega jo rastinja. Vrlo blizu atora je bio ogroman bor na jugo istoku. Bili smo prilino dobro uukani na tom mestu, to se tokom godina kampovanja pokazalo kao jako dobro. Pregurali smo silne oluje, gradove i pljuskove. Stvarno je bilo lepo. Eto za poetak toliko, toliko mi vreme dozvoljava. Posle u izneti kako smo utvrivali ator i tako to. Piite! Pozdrav!

Hajmo ovde da delimo informacije, iskustva i znanje o kampovanju. Pitajmo jedni druge, upuujmo na prodavnice, brendove. Nadam se i da e pravi strunjaci da daju svoj doprinos. Postujte fotke sa kampovanja.

Najvanije je da to vie saznamo o opremi, kako da je naemo, ta da traimo, ta da NE kupujemo, da nauimo neke pojmove (npr.: naine merenja vodonepropusnosti), kako da se ponaamo na kampovanju SVE o tome.
Recent Forum Posts

Reprintable Articles For Websites And Newsletters

Reprintable Articles For Websites And Newsletters

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Cost of Ceramic Cookware Sets By Ruby CuppGet More Money Back on Your Tax Return with help from the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act By Lauri PitcherShort break to Dubrovnik By Alexa VegaContemplating The Cloud: A Viable Solution For All By Cindy ScacciaHow Easy Run Engine Test Stands Shine Above the Rest By Al Freilich4 Winter Weather Problems Faced by SMEs By Shea KarssingSmart meter installation: 40 million to go! By Shea KarssingFrom Burning Trees To a Lighthouse By Katy BeacherHow To Hire The Best Bankruptcy Lawyer NJ For Different Types Of Bankruptcy? By Howard SobelShould we Boycott Made in USA message? By Amanda D.
Reprintable Articles For Websites And Newsletters

release another difficult decision for Edmonton Eskimos GM

release another difficult decision for Edmonton Eskimos GM

In the span of three days, Brock Sunderland severed ties between the fans and their favourite players not named Mike ReillyBrock Sunderland isn here to make friends.

If that were the case, in his first full off season as Edmonton Eskimos general manager, he wouldn have gone and released long time fan favourite on offence, Adarius Bowman.

think the world of Adarius Bowman, I had a long conversation with him yesterday. He knows how I feel about him, Sunderland said in the Eskimos locker room Monday. know what he meant to this community, to this organization, the Tom Pate award winner, Adarius 4 Autism.

the hard part of the business. My role, I here to make the right decisions, I believe, not the popular or the easy ones. I know this is a very unpopular one, but I wouldn be doing my job if we kept players around for sentimental value or reasons other than what we think is to help this football team. all, his primary job is to find the next Adarius Bowman, not keep paying a player when the signs point otherwise.

were two: The main one was who we have as international wide receivers on the roster right now, said Sunderland, who also on Monday re signed Vidal Hazelton to a list that includes Derel Walker, Kenny Stafford, Duke Williams and Bryant Mitchell, along with newcomers Shaq Hill and Speedy Noil. 28, 2016, in Hamilton.

While Sunderland wouldn get into details, The Canadian Press reported Bowman was due a $140,000 bonus in early February as part of a contract extension he signed after leading the league with 1,759 receiving yards in 2016, which made him the highest paid non quarterback at the time.

Bowman made $260,000 last year and was scheduled to make $265,000 in 2018, including the off season bonus.

While a down turn in performance of just 534 yards and five touchdowns on 45 receptions last year didn balance out the paycheck this time around, Sunderland made numerous attempts to renegotiate terms prior to releasing Bowman.

it came down to I don think we could find a solution all parties were good with, Sunderland said. 2, 2017.

While Bowman didn return interview requests Monday, the 32 year old Oklahoma State product may have seen the writing on the wall as the Eskimos cleared out their locker room back in November. one, you kind of feel it more than ever because when you in it, you don really have time to think and process how much fun we truly are having.

how much of a great thing until it gone. That is the worst feeling. But at the same time, I think it motivating all of us and we have some that will be getting opportunities (elsewhere). They brothers to us, so you excited for them. weeks after uttering those words, it appears his outlook didn change even though he ended up being one of the ones moving on, given how Sunderland said Bowman took the news of his release Sunday.

Bowman and Willis supporters, however, not so much.

And Sunderland fully understands.

course, that the life blood of this organization, he said. you have two premier players who are the face of this organization, who are great in the community, who have made Edmonton home, of course it does, and they were not easy decisions.

job is to make the right decisions, not the easy ones. I wish they were all easy, but these were very difficult decisions to make and difficult conversations to have with both players.
release another difficult decision for Edmonton Eskimos GM

retired Baltimore County Circuit Court judge

retired Baltimore County Circuit Court judge

Judge Dana Mark Levitz, who served for 23 years on the Circuit Court for Baltimore County before retiring in 2008 and was considered an expert in death penalty cases, died Wednesday of a heart attack at Lee Memorial Hospital in Fort Myers, Fla. The Stevenson resident was 69.

“Dana’s strong suit he had no weak suits was that he was a great lawyer, judge and person, and his contributions extended far beyond the courtroom,” said Joseph F. Murphy Jr., former chief judge of the Maryland Court of Special Appeals.

“He contributed enormously to the quality of justice in every courtroom in Maryland through his teaching,” Judge Murphy said. “He imparted useful information to his fellow judges that helped them improve their sentencing.”

John F. Fader II, a retired Baltimore County circuit judge, called his former colleague “a figure larger than life.”

“Dana was an individual who exuded a great personality and was very learned when it came to the law and very exacting in how he conducted his courtroom,” said Judge Fader. “It was a great pleasure to have served with him and to have known him.”

Born in Baltimore and raised in Forest Park, Judge Levitz was the son of Abraham Levitz, a kosher butcher, and Sylvia Levitz, a manicurist.

His path to a career in the legal system began when he was 13. Over the summer he would travel to downtown Baltimore to observe trials at the courthouse.

“There were real detectives there. There were real prisoners in shackles. It was exciting,” Judge Levitz said in a 2008 Daily Record interview. “And then when the judge came out, wow, that was real impressive.”

He was a 1966 graduate of City College and was a member of the first graduating class of the University of Maryland, Baltimore County, from which he obtained a bachelor’s degree in 1970 in theater.

“He majored in drama, which helped him get his angst up in the courtroom,” said his wife of 42 years, the former Dale Roth, a UMBC classmate.

“I think the vast majority of college students who think they want to be lawyers major in political science. Political science has nothing to do with law school or the practice of law,” Judge Levitz explained in a 2010 interview with UMBC Magazine.

“I’m not saying that it’s not worthwhile. It’s certainly as valuable as any other liberal arts major,” he said. In theater, he said, “you have to read, understand the motivations of characters, the emotions, and convey it to an audience. What better preparation could a trial lawyer have than that?”

Judge Levitz was a 1973 graduate of the University of Baltimore Law School, where he served as a member of the law review from 1972 to 1973.

He was a city prosecutor from 1973 to 1975, then was named an assistant state’s attorney for Baltimore County, serving in that role from 1975 to 1984. He was deputy state’s attorney for the county from 1984 to 1985.

While in the county’s state’s attorney’s office,
retired Baltimore County Circuit Court judge
Judge Levitz was chief of its sex offense unit.

“Rape is probably the most under reprted crime that exists,” he told The Baltimore Sun in 1979. “There is an inherent fear on the part of rape victims of the criminal justice system.”

When Sandra A. O’Connor, who had worked as a city prosecutor with Judge Levitz, was elected state’s attorney in 1975, it was his experience with sex abuse, rape and child abuse cases that motivated her to bring him to Baltimore County.

“I picked Dana because I was looking for people who were strong prosecutors. But more importantly, I wanted him because he showed an unusual interest in rape cases,” she told The Sun at the time.

“Dana was an excellent trial lawyer and had some of the biggest cases in Baltimore County. He was my deputy and good friend,” Ms. O’Connor recalled in a telephone interview.

“He cared about victims,” said Leonard H. Shapiro, a Baltimore criminal defense attorney, and longtime friend. “He was a brilliant prosecutor and judge. He took those jobs very seriously and was always fair.”

A man of Falstaffian stature, Judge Levitz earned the sobriquet “Big Man,” reported The Evening Sun in 1979.

“He looks like an unemployed Santa Claus who found part time work as a prosecutor,” observed the newspaper. “He has a laugh and an empathetic nature that doesn’t need a reason to come out.”

“Seeing him in action was something. He commanded a courtroom,” Ms. O’Connor said. “He loved being dramatic and it worked. That’s what a good lawyer is in addition to being prepared.”

“Dana could be dramatic, but never overly dramatic. He knew how to hit just the right note,” Judge Murphy said.

During his tenure, he prosecuted a number of high profile cases including the 1983 murders of two people at the Warren House motel in Pikesville that prosecutors said were organized by Anthony Grandison, a Baltimore drug lord. Scott Piechowicz, who was to testify against Mr. Grandison in a federal drug trial, and Susan Kennedy, his sister in law, were killed. Mr. Grandison was convicted of murder.

Another high profile case he successfully prosecuted was the 1979 killing of Marion C. Townsend, 27. Ms. Townsend was pregnant when she was shot and killed by Barbara Jean Langley as Ms. Townsend and her husband, Michael Townsend, were driving along Bellona Avenue in Ruxton. Doctors at Greater Baltimore Medical Center performed an emergency cesarean in an attempt to save Ms. Townsend’s unborn son, Joshua, who died 15 hours later. Mrs. Langley was convicted of two counts of manslaughter.

Judge Levitz was 36 when he was appointed to the Baltimore County Circuit Court by Gov. Harry R. Hughes in 1985. He was the youngest judge to have been appointed to that court.

In a 1989 article in The Sun, he wrote about the death penalty in Maryland, stating that unless a “system can be developed for speedily and efficiently dealing with the endless litigation surrounding the death penalty, it should be abolished.

“If there is anything cruel and unusual about the death penalty, it is the never ending litigation with its constant ups and downs” that makes life emotionally difficult for victims, defendants and their families, he wrote. He said unless appellate courts established standards for reviewing death penalty cases and shortening the appeal process,
retired Baltimore County Circuit Court judge
“I don’t believe it is in the public’s interest to continue to pretend that Maryland has a death penalty.”

Replica Handbags from Monday to Friday

Replica Handbags from Monday to Friday

Everybody knows that replica handbags come in different styles, sizes, colors, and shapes. And with the super affordable price tags, it s easy to see why most owners are keen on showing off their gorgeous bags. In fact, they re a favorite among celebrities such as Freida Pinto, Princess Marie of Denmark, Emma Bunton, Sarah Jessica Parker, and Kristen Bell, just to name a few. If you want to rock Mulberry replica handbags on Mondays,
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Replica Handbags from Monday to Friday
Fendi replica handbags are perfect.

recognizing me as administrator

recognizing me as administrator

burberry handbags Some large reputable on the web shops for instance the inexpensive bags, the site is prepared to cater for everybody’s taste. Hinting at a rustic method of existence that is elegant, aspiring, quintessentially British and normally nostalgic, Burberry bags normally represent timeless value. mens burberry belt One of the most outstanding features about Replica Burberry Handbags is that they are loved by both young and old people equally. This factor is a testament for the timeless beauty and elegance of Replica Burberry Handbags. It also shows that these hand handbags have the traits of being trendy so that the younger customers would like them as well as being elegant for the older buyers. cheap burberry wallets With a rapidly expanding trend oriented and aggressive international populace, fashion lovers are not content with possessing just a few duplicate designer purses. Wholesale duplicate purses are individuals copy designer purses that are available at wholesale rates or very cheap reductions. They are offered for sale on the internet as nicely. As a result, they enable 1 to get and possess numerous replicate designer purses at the same time. Burberry Handbags Outlet Store Online sale Up To 65% Off! Other people also take into account getting involved in collecting all types and manufacturers involving shopping bags. So now you absitively that you Burberry Alexa just got to accept a Burberry backpack or two for your own beautiful wardrobe. For the reason that Burberry is accountable for us clients, they develop a fantastic credit among us and her.
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Repurposed Bags to Help Nonprofit

Repurposed Bags to Help Nonprofit

PINE CREEK TOWNSHIP Scraps from a blanket factory in Clinton County are not going to waste. Instead, the fabric is helping a nonprofit that helps people beat addiction.

Inside the Woolrich outdoor clothing store, between the racks of clothing, you’ll find handmade bags.

Woolrich tries to use scrap materials as often as possible. For this project, Woolrich teamed up with “Unshattered.” The bags are made by women who turned to the nonprofit for help to overcome addiction. Proceeds from the sales of the bags will go back into the organization.

“It’s amazing to me what they can do with certain things. I mean even water bottles like what you can make,
Repurposed Bags to Help Nonprofit
I think it’s great for our environment,” said Laura Rowland.

Because each of the purses is made from scraps, each one is unique from one another. However, there is one piece of common thread that holds each one together. The thread is gold.

“This is a Japanese art form that they used to fix the pottery,” said Swanger.

The bags much like the women who made them are all unique and at one point were broken waiting to be remade.

“I think it empowers women so that they have a future. They are taken away from the life experiences that they have had. It could be something that changes their lives,
Repurposed Bags to Help Nonprofit
” said Rowland.